1591 Haywood Avenue (Clegg House)

Development Application - Approved Applications

November 2023

On November 20, 2023, Council approved Development Permit No. 22-074, Heritage Revitalization Agreement Bylaw No. 5234, 2023 and Heritage Designation Bylaw No. 5235, 2023 which will see the protection of the Clegg House as a municipally designated building and allow for subdivision of the site and infill development as set out in the Development Permit and Heritage Revitalization Agreement. 

Development Permit 22-074
Heritage Revitalization Agreement Bylaw 5234
Heritage Designation Bylaw 5235

October 2023 

On September 25, 2023 Council added the Clegg House to the Community Heritage Register and provided first reading for the proposed Heritage Revitalization Agreement Bylaw No. 5234, 2023 and Heritage Designation Bylaw No. 5235, 2023.

The applicant hosted an in-person public information meeting on October 10, 2023.

The Public Hearing and concurrent public meeting to consider Development Permit No. 22-074 was held on October 23, 2023.

Report to Council September 8, 2023

Project overview

The District has received an application for a Heritage Revitalization Agreement (HRA) for 1591 Haywood Avenue. The proposed HRA would enable subdivision of the property as an incentive for ongoing legal protection (Heritage Designation) of the Clegg House to be retained on the lot. The proposal includes work within 15 m of a watercourse, including new buildings and proposed tree removals. As such, a concurrent Environmental Development Permit (EDP) is required. The proposal also requires a concurrent Development Permit for a detached secondary suite.

The proposed works include:

  • On the proposed southern lot (Lot A) relocating the Clegg House to a new foundation southwest of the current location and adding a stratified garden suite in the basement level in accordance with a conservation plan, adding a coach house with vehicle access from 16th Street and adding a new driveway and parking pad accessed from Haywood Avenue; and
  • On the proposed northern lot (Lot B) adding a new single-family dwelling and detached garage with vehicle access from the unopened lane to the north of the property.

The Clegg House was built in 1929 and was one of the first residences built in the neighbourhood. It is valued because of its late Craftsman style, its contribution to the development of its immediate neighbourhood, and its association with the Clegg family, the original property owners.

The HRA is the legal framework between the District and the property owner, and municipal heritage designation is to provide for ongoing legal protection of the Clegg House.


Erika Syvokas
Community Planner

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