Development Permits

Houses on a hill with a mountain in the background

There are five main types of development permit areas: Environmental, Wildfire Hazard, Foreshore, Form & Character for Multi-Family and Commercial Areas, and Duplex.

  1. Environmental to protect watercourses, Environmental Development Permits are required for work within 15 metres of the top of any watercourse bank.
  2. Wildfire Hazard to protect against wildfire risk, Wildfire Hazard Development Permits are required for work within the Wildfire Hazard Development Permit Area (i.e., within 100 metres of an undisturbed forest interface).
  3. Foreshore to minimize risk to people and property from coastal hazards, while preserving and enhancing the integrity of the intertidal habitat of the foreshore, Foreshore Development Permits are required for work within the Foreshore Development Permit Area (i.e., waterfront property or other properties at risk of coastal flooding).
  4. Form and Character guidelines are in place for new development, additions and renovations in the following areas:
  • Ambleside Apartment Area
  • Ambleside Village Centre
  • Clyde Avenue (east of Taylor Way)
  • Dundarave Village Neighbourhood Centre
  • Horseshoe Bay Neighbourhood Centre
  • Local Commercial sites
  • Marina sites
  • Park Royal Shopping Centre
  • Other Multiple Family Sites (Deer Ridge West, Kiwanis Lands, Sunset Highlands & Evelyn Drive)

Council Considered Development Permit Guide

  1. Duplexes certain areas are designated as Duplex Development Permit areas by the Official Community Plan. Form and character, as well as streetscapes are carefully considered. Policy and guidelines for duplex homes are contained within the Official Community Plan.