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Community Awards

Do you know an individual or group that makes outstanding volunteer contributions to West Vancouver? The Awards Program is now open and accepting nominations.

The deadline to nominate someone is Friday, April 30, 2021.

A virtual recognition ceremony will be held in June 2021. 

Community Awards Nomination Form 2021

About the Awards Program:

Community Awards recognize the efforts and commitments made by individual volunteers and groups to build a stronger community and enhance our quality of life.

The annual Community Awards ceremony honours dedicated community members in the following five categories:


  • recognizing those individuals or groups who make exceptional contributions to the visual, literary, and performing arts, or who advocate for cultural diversity and vitality


  • recognizing unsung heroes, individuals, or groups who make outstanding contributions to the community, lead by example, and inspire excellence through community commitment in dynamic participation, leadership, and active citizenship


  • recognizing those individuals or groups who make significant contributions in environmental stewardship, protection, and education


  • recognizing those individuals or groups who make exceptional contributions to the preservation of West Vancouver’s natural, built, and cultural heritage through conservation, projects, education, or advocacy


  • recognizing those individuals or groups who make exceptional contributions to enhancing mental, physical, emotional well-being, and active lifestyles in the community including but not limited to COVID-19 pandemic response
2019 Community Award Recipients

Congratulations to our 2019 Award Recipients!

ARTS & CULTURE – Fanny Patterson

Fanny Patterson is being recognized for her exceptional contributions to the arts.

  • Fanny has served the West Vancouver Art Museum Advisory Committee since 2016, acting as Chair since 2018.
  • Fanny has been active in different projects of the Art Museum since 2011, including opening her home for the annual Modern Home Tour.
  • Fanny has raised funds for two endowments and raised over $10,000 for the West Vancouver Community Foundation.
  • Focused and forward-thinking, Fanny has been a force for the arts with her committed involvement to the Kay Meek Arts Centre and West Vancouver Memorial Library.

COMMUNITY COMMITMENT – Kiwanis North Shore Housing Society

Kiwanis North Shore Housing Society is being recognized for its outstanding contribution to community support and commitment.

  • The Kiwanis North Shore Housing Society is now the largest provider of below-market rentals for seniors of the North Shore.
  • The Kiwanis North Shore Housing Society has an expanded mandate to provide housing for low-income seniors, families and disabled individuals.
  • Today, the Kiwanis North Shore Housing Society owns and manages 634 rental units located on seven different properties.
  • The Kiwanis North Shore Housing Society has put enormous investments in volunteer time to propel developments through land acquisition, design and construction.


Gladys Lee is being recognized for her active citizenship and outstanding dedication to the community.

  • A longtime resident of West Vancouver, Gladys has made her mark by serving her community through volunteerism and by capturing important moments through her camera lens.
  • Gladys is involved with the West Vancouver Chamber of Commerce, PumpkinFest, the Coho Festival, the Harmony Arts Festival and many others.
  • Gladys’s volunteer photography has been used as photographic records, archives and to illustrate events by several different organizations.
  • Events like the Harmony Arts Festival are honoured to have the support, warmth and enthusiasm that she consistently brings.


Hamid is being recognized for his dedication and leadership to local community organizations.

  • Hamid is an outstanding representative of the Iranian community of the North Shore.
  • Hamid is one of the coordinators of the annual Iranian Fire Festival and Nature Festival in Ambleside Park, which attracts more than 10,000 participants each year.
  • Hamid is the Vice President for the Iranian Canadian Congress Society and has actively integrated countless Iranian newcomers into Canada.


Brian is being recognized for his significant contributions and tireless efforts.

  • Brian has significantly contributed to the community by being an essential part of the Kiwanis Club of West Vancouver.
  • Brian is an active member of the Seniors’ Activity Centre and West Vancouver United Church.
  • Brian is part of the Kiwanis North Shore Housing Society’s Board of Directors.
  • Brian volunteers his time with dedication, enthusiasm and positivism.


Liz is being recognized for her significant contribution to environmental stewardship, protection and education.

  • Liz joined the Streamkeepers Society in 2007 and has since been an active member.

  • Liz has helped the Streamkeepers Society in a number of programs such as storm drain painting with elementary school students, removal of invasive plants, assisting in community events and conducting salmon surveys.
  • Liz has had the responsibility of managing memberships, helping the Streamkeepers Society become the largest all-volunteer salmon stewardship organization in the province.
  • Liz has served as Co-Chair of the annual Streamkeepers Seaside Social, now celebrating it’s ninth year, held at the Hollyburn Sailing Club.
  • Liz has been a devoted contributor to the initiative to develop a nature centre in West Vancouver.

HERITAGE – Heritage Club Games Committee

The Heritage Club Games Committee is being recognized for its exceptional contribution to the preservation of West Vancouver’s cultural heritage through conservation, projects, education and advocacy.

  • The Heritage Club Games is successfully preserving our heritage by bringing together the three oldest sports clubs in West Vancouver: West Vancouver Tennis Club, West Vancouver Lawn Bowling Club and Hollyburn Sailing Club.

  • The inaugural Heritage Club Games fundraiser took place on August 17, 2019, with all proceeds donated to the West Vancouver Foundation and Athletics4Kids.
  • The event attracted 22 teams and was supported by 50 dedicated volunteers and enthusiastic spectators.
2018 Community Award recipients

Congratulations to our 2018 Community Award recipients! Awards were presented on November 29, 2018, at the Kay Meek Arts Centre.

ARTS & CULTURE – Hey Jung Choi

Hey Jung Choi is being recognized for her exceptional contribution to the performing arts.

  • Hey Jung Choi is an accomplished concert pianist with a Bachelor of Piano Performance and a Master of Music Piano Performance from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music in California, now giving her time, skill and knowledge to enrich the musical experience of members of the community
  • Hey Jung supports the choirs at Hollyburn Elementary School and the West Vancouver School District Honours Choir
  • Hey Jung hosts private concerts at the Silk Purse, performs at Kay Meek Arts Centre fundraisers and helps with seniors’ sing-a-longs at Summerhill and Hollyburn Retirement Homes

ARTS & CULTURE – Karen Fowlie

Karen Fowlie is being recognized for her exceptional contribution to the performing arts.

  • Karen has created and assisted in many community events to establish performance opportunities for musicians of all ages
  • From 2010–17, Karen co-created nine variety shows showcasing the talents of local musicians in Hugo’s Restaurant and Caulfeild Cove Hall
  • In 2017, Karen created the Fowlie and Friends Entertainment Society with a mission to foster and support the growth of live music and developing musicians. The society brought a free concert honouring the Canadian Women in Song to Horseshoe Bay’s Canada Day celebrations
  • In 2017, Karen wrote and produced a Christmas play featuring 14 local talents that was performed at Kay Meek Arts Centre


Bill Sparling is being recognized for his exceptional contribution to enhancing the mental, physical and emotional well-being and active lifestyles in the community.

  • Bill has dedicated countless hours to soccer in West Vancouver leading soccer teams at the provincial and national level, serving on the board of the BC Youth Soccer Association for 35 years and, in 1969, he helped found the national Canadian Youth Soccer Association
  • In 2010, Bill became President of the West Vancouver Football Club with a focus to build community and inclusion
  • In 2017, Bill was awarded the President’s Award for soccer at Sport BC’s Athlete of the Year Awards for his contribution of volunteerism, dedication, commitment and energy to the sport in BC
  • In recent years, Bill assisted with the renaming of Ambleside  Field B to the Fred Jopson Field in honour of the long-time West Vancouver resident and contributor to youth soccer at the local, provincial and national levels

ENVIRONMENT – Sherry Parrott

Sherry is being recognized for her significant contribution to environmental stewardship, protection and education.

  • Sherry has acted as Chair of the Coho Society of the North Shore for the last six years, and she has dedicated her time to organizing the Coho Festival
  • Sherry spends, on average, 200 hours per year organizing the logistics of this widely popular event which attracts over 10,000 attendees
  • Sherry spearheads the Coho Festival’s Organizing Committee, transforming the way the event is organized and managed
  • In addition to her work with the Coho Festival, Sherry has volunteered for the West Vancouver Streamkeeper Society and has sat on the board of the West Vancouver Memorial Library

ENVIRONMENT – Hugh Hamilton

Hugh is being recognized for his significant contribution to environmental stewardship, protection and education.

  • Hugh has a long and illustrious history of volunteering with stewardship organizations since 1999. He has played many key roles such as President of the West Vancouver Streamkeeper Society, President of the Old Growth Conservancy Society and Funding Director of the West Vancouver Nature House Society
  • Hugh has been a member of Nature Vancouver since 1997, leading summer camps and acting as a resource for locating camps. In recognition of his dedication amongst many other contributions, he has been awarded the Ney Award for lifetime exemplary service
  • Hugh contributes significantly to environmental education at the secondary and elementary school levels to help raise awareness of the risk of polluting streams
  • Hugh holds educational guided tours for the Old Growth Conservancy Society and volunteers and has led the annual Christmas bird count for decades


Nassreen is being recognized for her excellence through community commitment, leadership and active citizenship.

  • Over the last 30+ years, Nassreen has spent countless hours volunteering for the betterment of the community, acting as the Director of the West Vancouver Community Foundation and assisting in fundraising and outreach to the Iranian community
  • Nassreen started her volunteerism by introducing the first Iranian New Year Norooz celebration at Sentinel Secondary School, a multicultural celebration still celebrated at the school to this day
  • Nassreen became the Vice President and the Fundraising Director of the Iranian Canadian Cultural Association
  • In 2005, Nassreen established the Canadian Iranian Foundation with an aim to facilitate the social and cultural integration of newly arrived immigrants to Canada
  • Nassreen’s dedication and commitment to volunteer work and efforts to enrich our community have won her many prestigious awards and nominations


Christine is being recognized for her active citizenship and outstanding dedication to the community.

  • Christine is a member of the District of West Vancouver’s Community Grants Committee and, in 2017, she spearheaded the work to revise the policy framework for the Community Grants Program with a goal of making it more accessible to organizations without charitable status
  • Christine is a volunteer Director and Treasurer at the West Vancouver Memorial Library
  • Christine chaired Metro Vancouver community engagement for the new sewage treatment plant in North Vancouver
  • Christine is an engaged citizen who has served West Vancouver well by listening, seeking to understand the issues, and proposing workable, balanced solutions


Christopher is being recognized for his outstanding dedication and leadership to local community organizations.

  • Christopher has served on the Rotary Club of West Vancouver for approximately 18 years, actively educating youth on values and ethics
  • Christopher participates in many community events and projects such as Community Day, West Vancouver Police
  • Pulling Together Canoe Journey, PumpkinFest, Operation Red Nose and North Shore Rescue
  • Christopher is involved with the West Vancouver Otters Swim Club and is a strong voice for the Ambleside Youth Centre
  • As a board member of the West Vancouver Community Foundation, Christopher oversees the growth and stewardship of donated and managed funds and the distribution of grants


Steve is being recognized for his outstanding contribution and tireless efforts at North Shore Emergency Management (NSEM).

  • Steve has been a volunteer with NSEM since 2011 and he is often the first NSEM volunteer to arrive at disaster events
  • Steve is one of the lead volunteers on special projects such as disaster transportation for NSEM
  • Steve always puts others’ needs first, whether helping evacuees after they have lost everything in a house fire, supporting his team of volunteers or assisting in the safe operation of community events
  • Steve has spearheaded the creation of a safety plan for all volunteer groups under the NSEM umbrella

COMMUNITY COMMITMENT – West Vancouver Police Victim Services Volunteers

The West Vancouver Police Victim Services team is being recognized for their outstanding contribution of community support and community commitment.

  • Volunteers of the West Vancouver Police Victim Services provide immediate on-scene crisis intervention and follow-up support to those impacted by crime or trauma
  • They work alongside police officers to deliver needed emotional support and practical assistance when a tragedy occurs
  • These dedicated volunteers give two to three shifts per month and a 12-hour on-call shift to provide crisis response 365 days per year, 24 hours per day to the West Vancouver community, putting in 5,616 hours of standby time per year awaiting calls to assist police and the community
  • Volunteers also put in approximately 416 hours per year in the office providing administrative support and follow-up


Julia is being recognized for her active citizenship and outstanding dedication to the community.

  • Having worked as an environmental lawyer internationally, Julia has excellent communication skills in both English and Mandarin and has volunteered her time providing translation, both written and verbal, to assist the Chinese-speaking community with participating in the wider community
  • Julia is a volunteer Director of the British Properties Area Homeowners’ Association and has volunteered on the West Vancouver Community Engagement Committee, providing translation and extensive outreach to Chinese residents in the community
  • Julia collaborated with the District’s Director of Engineering & Transportation to organize and translate a workshop on transportation issues on the North Shore

COMMUNITY COMMITMENT – Victoria Mendes & Kyra Williams Smiljanic

Victoria Mendes and Kyra Williams Smiljanic are being recognized for their dedication and outstanding contributions to our community.

  • In 2012, a group of École Pauline Johnson parents created the PJ Outdoor Learning & Community Park Committee to create a forward-thinking, multi-use outdoor environment for educational innovation
  • Kyra and Victoria were instrumental in spearheading the project through community partnerships and member involvement
  • Through Kyra and Victoria’s vision and dedication, the PJ Outdoor Learning & Community Centre became a reality for community members to enjoy the outdoor amphitheatre, wetlands, Grand Allee and healing circle
2017 Community Award Recipients

Arts and Culture – West Vancouver Community Arts Council Volunteers

West Vancouver Community Arts Council volunteers are being recognized for exceptional contributions to visual and performing arts.

  • The Silk Purse Gallery (home of the West Vancouver Community Arts Council) relies on the 45 volunteers who donate over 1,700 hours per year.
  • Most volunteers have given between 5 and 25 years of service.
  • Volunteers greet visitors to the Silk Purse, provide information about exhibits, process sales in the gallery and Art Box, sell tickets to concerts, and install art exhibits.
  • Volunteers raise the profile for the arts by bringing awareness to the greater community.

Community Commitment – Dal McCrindle

Dal McCrindle is being recognized for his active citizenship and dynamic participation.

  • Dal conducts the annual Remembrance Ceremony at the West Vancouver War Memorial and serves as chaplain for the Royal Canadian Legion.
  • He has been an enthusiastic Fit Fellas Instructor for many years.
  • He leads the Senior Senators, a group of senior men recuperating and dealing with infirmity.
  • Dal is an Honorary Pastor for Fit Fellas, conducting services or offering prayers for members who have passed away.

Community Commitment – Wendy Janz

Wendy Janz is being recognized for her leadership and outstanding contributions to our community.

  • Wendy has dedicated her talents and provided leadership at the Seniors’ Activity Centre (SAC) for 17 years.
  • Wendy initiated SACS on 21st, a gift shop at the Seniors’ Activity Centre featuring donated items available for purchase.
  • In the first 12 months of operations, SACS on 21st raised $60K that was used to fund projects within the Seniors’ Activity Centre.
  • Wendy spends approximately 30 hours a week in the centre and countless hours outside working with the business sector, other volunteers and residents.

Community Commitment – Dianne Allan

Dianne Allan is being recognized for her long history of outstanding volunteerism in a variety of organizations throughout the community.

  • Dianne has been involved with Girl Guides for 30 years in a variety of positions including volunteering at the Nature House in Lighthouse Park.
  • Dianne volunteers at the Lions Gate Hospital Thrift Shop and uses her skills to educate in the hospital’s diabetes clinic.
  • She works in the kitchen and as a cashier at the Seniors’ Activity Centre.
  • Dianne has volunteered backstage, working with props and sets, at Theatre West Van for the past three years and has volunteered extensively at a local church.

Community Commitment – Jo-Ann Wood

Jo-Ann Wood is being recognized for her dedication to and leadership in local community organizations.

  • Jo-Ann is the current chair of the North Shore Hospice Society and the North Shore Hospice and Palliative Project.
  • Jo-Ann is a member of the board of directors and Planned Giving Committee of the Lions Gate Hospital Foundation.
  • She chaired many events as a member of the West Vancouver Library Foundation Board of Directors and the Library Strategic Planning Committee.
  • Jo-Ann was a three-year term chair of the board of directors, chair of the 25th Anniversary Committee Celebrations and chair of the Grants Committee of the West Vancouver Community Foundation.

Community Commitment – Eric R. Keller

Eric Keller is being recognized for his active citizenship and dedication to the community.

  • Beginning in the mid-1970s, Eric encouraged boys and girls towards competition, skill learning and sportsmanship through his many roles in the West Vancouver Soccer Club.
  • As a dedicated Lion, Eric has served virtually every position including Club President, Zone Chair, Youth Exchange Director, Council-of-Governors and more.
  • As a result of Eric’s leadership and hours of volunteerism, the Ambleside Tiddlycove Lions Club has raised approximately $100k, each year, for the last few years from projects such as the Christmas tree sales in Ambleside Park and managing the overflow parking lot in Horseshoe Bay.
  • Funds raised have supported many community projects including the Ambleside play area, Hollyburn Family Services, North Shore Search and Rescue, West Vancouver Lawn Bowling and many more.

Community Commitment – Goli Massah

Goli Massah is being recognized for her active citizenship and a commitment to improving quality of life.

  • Goli noticed excess foods being discarded by grocery operators so she organized and convinced stores to donate their excess produce and food to her organization ‘Why Waste?’ for distribution to those in need.
  • Weekly, Goli and her team of volunteers collect food from IGA in Dundarave to deliver to shelters and charities.
  • The North Shore Lookout Shelter has benefited from these food donations for over five years.
  • Some of the food is donated to the group, The Cascadia Society for Social Working, a life sharing community for people with special abilities in North Vancouver, who prepare soup for the less fortunate.

Heritage – West Vancouver Fire Service Museum and Archives Society

The West Vancouver Fire Service Museum and Archives Society volunteers are being recognized for their exceptional contributions to preservation of West Vancouver’s heritage.

  • 50 -60 dedicated retirees from the West Vancouver Fire & Rescue Services (WVFR) are committed to maintaining and sharing the heritage of the West Vancouver Fire Department with the community.
  • In 2004, volunteers constructed the Fire Museum Building, which is currently manned by a core group of 6-10 volunteers.
  • The Museum is available for public viewings and tours by schools, groups and clubs.
  • Volunteers are active participants in parades and special community events.
  • Volunteers are constantly engaged in ongoing restoration projects of original WVFR equipment.

Heritage – Elaine Graham

Elaine Graham is being recognized for her contributions to the preservation of heritage through education and advocacy.

  • Elaine helped establish the Nature House at the Lighthouse Park and founded an ongoing nature program to train guide leaders.
  • In 1998, Elaine created the Lighthouse Park Preservation Society, and currently sits on the board, edits the society’s newsletter, and coordinates a speaker series at the West Vancouver Memorial Library.
  • As a member of the Point Atkinson Light Station subcommittee, she acquired the Heritage BC grant to preserve the iconic lighthouse, World War II powerhouse and fog alarm building.
  • Elaine set up the open house of the light station to celebrate the Canada 150; a celebration including tours, storytelling, informative talks and even a puppet show for the kids.

Health, Wellness and Activity – Vi Roden

Vi Roden is being recognized for her contributions to physical and emotional well-being and encouraging active lifestyles in the community.

  • As an active Seniors’ Activity Centre Board Member for 13 years, Vi worked at program development, such as the Keep Well program and the Seniors’ Mall Program, to help keep seniors active, healthy and living fulfilling lives.
  • Vi successfully applied for and received grants that helped fund services for the frail and shut-in seniors.
  • Vi spearheaded the first fundraiser for the Seniors' Activity Centre raising $100K in six months and enabling the centre to purchase the first seniors’ bus. Vi later helped fundraise $300K to expand the centre to include the lounge and cafeteria.
  • Vi was appointed to the Youth Drug Prevention Municipal Task Force for the West Vancouver School District that resulted in the hiring of the professional staff member dedicated to the prevention of drug use and providing education programs for teachers and parents.

Health, Wellness and Activity – Barrie Chapman

Barrie Chapman is being recognized for volunteer contributions enhancing mental, physical, and emotional well-being, and encouraging active lifestyles in the community.

  • Barrie took leadership of the Fit Fellas program in the 1990s and has grown membership from 70 to 190 participants today.
  • Barrie leads classes twice per week and has trained seven other instructors.
  • Under Barrie’s leadership, the Canadian Federal Government recognized the Fit Fellas as one of the most successful senior men’s exercise programs in Canada. In 2016, the Fit Fellas were honoured by the UBC School of Kinesiology.
  • Barrie builds relationships among men with diverse personal and professional experiences and has fostered a group of active men who raise funds to give back to community organizations.

Health, Wellness and Activity – Meals on Wheels

The Meals on Wheels volunteers are being recognized for contributions enhancing the mental and healthy well-being of vulnerable individuals.

  • The majority of the team of 40 volunteers have been delivering meals for at least 5-10 years.
  • In 2016, volunteers prepared and delivered 3,500 meals in West Vancouver, making an average of 30 home visits each week.
  • Volunteers pick up meals from a restaurant supplier and deliver them to the kitchen where they assemble meals for deliveries by volunteers.
  • When delivering meals, volunteers take the time to develop a relationship with the person receiving a meal. Volunteers may be the first to notice if something is amiss with the client and are able to pass the information on to loved ones.
2016 Community Award Recipients

West Vancouver honoured seven individuals and three groups with Community Awards on Tuesday, November 15, 2016, at a special awards presentation at the Kay Meek Centre for Performing Arts. 

The awards were presented by members of West Vancouver Council, with winners selected by the District’s Awards Committee.

Learn more about the 2016 Community Award Winners

Arts & Culture

  • Ferry Building Gallery Volunteers

Community Commitment

  • Joan Townsend
  • Mary Bayes
  • Michael Markwick
  • West Vancouver BC SPCA Volunteers


  • David Cook

Health, Wellness & Activity

  • Hershel and Marguerite Hardin


  • Bas Collins
  • Hollyburn Lodge Renewal Project volunteers
2015 Community Award Recipients

Read more about 2015 award recipients

Arts & Culture

  • Liane Dickson
  • Chris Stringer
  • Urszula Sulinska

Civic Commitment

  • Ambleside Tiddlycove Lions Club
  • Rotary Club of West Vancouver Sunrise
  • Robert Clark
  • James Stout
  • Carolanne Reynolds
  • Friends of the Library


  • Alexandra Mancini

Health, Wellness & Activity

  • Jane Baynham
  • Mike Cupit


  • David Barker
2014 Community Award Recipients

Arts & Culture

Civic Commitment


Health, Wellness & Activity


2012 Community Award recipients

Arts Award

  • Merla Beckerman
  • Doug MacCaulay

Environment Award

  • Elspeth and Ray Bradbury
  • Elizabeth Hardy
  • John Nightingale
  • Environmental Protection Network
  • Shoreline Preservation Society

Heritage Award

  • Rod Day
2011 Community Award recipients

Environmental Award

  • Alan Bardsley
  • John Barker
  • Tara Stafford
  • Katharine Steig
  • Walter Thorneloe

Heritage Award

  • Hollyburn Ridge Association
  • West Vancouver Historical Society


If you have questions about the Community Awards program, please contact:

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