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Spirit Trail, western portion

Update October 2018

The western portion of the Spirit Trail, between Cranley Drive and Horseshoe Bay, began in 2014 and is scheduled for completion in 2019.

The final section (Zone 4) along Royal Avenue, between Chatham Street and Bruce Street, is planned for construction in 2019.

Completed Sections

  • Zones 1 & 2 between Cranley Drive and Gleneagles Elementary School (completed between 2014 and 2015)
  • Zone 3 along Exit 0 and Raleigh Street was (completed October 2017)
  • additional work to improve the grade at the Cranley slope entrance (complete)

Zone 1 Implementation

Zone 1 Spirit Trail improvements began in fall 2014 and included:

  1. Accessibility upgrades at Eagleridge Drive and Falcon Road trailheads
  2. Upgrades to crossings and connectivity between the Eagleridge Drive trailhead and Orchill Road
  3. Trail widening and grooming of Zone 2 section behind Gleneagles Community Centre
  4. Selective brush trimming and trail grading along the length of the trail

Zone 2 Implementation

In 2015, the District completed a segment of Spirit Trail along Marine Drive, from the Lions Club parking lot past Gleneagles Elementary Secondary School. This work included:

  1. Installation of an asphalt multi-use pathway, concrete curbs and upgraded drainage
  2. Improved bus stop and crosswalk for pedestrians at Lions Club parking lot
  3. Additional lighting at crossing location
  4. Improved pick-up and drop-off area for Gleneagles Elementary School

Spirit Trail, Marine Drive (Gleneagles Elementary Area)

Zone 3 Implementation

Public consultation on Zone 3 began in fall 2015, with construction taking place in the spring and summer of 2017.

Spirit Trail, Exit 0 to Horseshoe Bay

Public consultation to date

The public consultation process for the Western Portion of Spirit Trail began in 2012, consisting of 2 community workshops, 1 open house, and a plethora of opportunities for residents to provide input and feedback via letter, email or phone. 

On October 1, 2013, we held the first public open house focused on Zone 1 (Seaview Walk area) and Zone 2 (Gleneagles area). We shared proposed conceptual plans and collected feedback using a questionnaire. Over 40 people attended the open house, and quite a few more have provided their comments by mail or email.

Open House

There was very strong support at the Open House for the conceptual proposals for Zone 1 & 2. As well, there were additional suggestions:

  • Selective brush trimming in specific areas that have become overgrown, and
  • Pedestrian-scale lighting would be helpful in isolated areas where it will improve trail safety and will not affect residential areas, such as between the Community Centre and elementary school.

Given the positive feedback, staff moved forward with detailed design and construction of Zones 1 & 2.

We held two public workshops to discuss options for trail routing in the area and potential trail characteristics. The first public workshop took place on December 5, 2012, and a second workshop took place on March 6, 2013.

First Workshop Report

Second Workshop Report

Zone 1 Map (March 2013)

Zone 2 Map (March 2013)

Zone 3 & 4 Map (March 2013)

The workshops also identified several items that require further discussion with specific stakeholders, such as School District 45 (SD45), the Ministry of Transportation (MOTI) and the North Shore Advisory Committee on Disability Issues (ACDI).

The area from the roundabout to Horseshoe Bay (Zones 3 & 4) is particularly challenging. Various constraints in this area require additional consultation with stakeholders. A separate open house was held to discuss the work in Zone 3, and a future consultation will take place for Zone 4.

Summary of Community Workshop Feedback

  • Zone 1 - Seaview Walk - Stakeholders preferred few changes. Therefore, no significant changes were proposed along most of the trail. Instead, accessibility improvements for those with mobility issues were constructed at the trailheads at Eagleridge Drive, Falcon Road and Cranley Drive.
  • Zone 2 - Gleneagles Community Centre to the Roundabout - Options for trail routing were considered, and consultation was conducted with representatives of the School District and the Ministry of Transportation. The best routing was determined to be behind the Community Centre and along the front of Gleneagles Elementary School. Additional improvements to the bus stop at the Lions Club parking lot were also included.
  • Zones 3 and 4 - Roundabout to Horseshoe Bay - Discussions with residents, the Ministry of Transportation and BC Ferries determined that a route that runs next to Exit 0, along Raleigh Street and down Royal Avenue.