Roads & Sidewalks

Our network of roads, sidewalks and bridges transport thousands of people and tons of goods every day. Expanding sidewalks and bike lanes means safer routes for pedestrians and cyclists.

Our transportation system includes:

  • 269 km of paved roadway
  • 15 bridges
  • more than 30,000 square metres of sidewalks
  • more than 300,000 metres of curbs
  • nearly 10,000 street signs and street lights
  • more than a dozen traffic signals, roundabouts and traffic circles

For information about West Vancouver's transportation infrastructure and how we manage it:

Transportation Infrastructure Management Plan


Traffic calming measures, such as roundabouts and traffic circles, landscaped centre medians, on-street parking and no-vehicle-access areas, help make West Vancouver safer.

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Trucks, trailers and truck tractor/ tractor-trailer combinations in excess of 11,800 GVW are prohibited from travelling downhill on most streets in West Vancouver below the Upper Levels Highway and on certain other streets.

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Longboarding is not permitted in West Vancouver. Despite some residents’ interest in longboarding and the popularity of West Vancouver’s geography for this activity, it is illegal here.

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To report a problem or request service please contact public works dispatch.



Idling vehicles

Vehicles should not be left idling for more than five minutes in a 60 minute period, except vehicles undergoing repairs at a service garage, emergency vehicles, or if operation of the vehicle is necessary to power equipment.

Good Neighbour Bylaw

Report a problem to Bylaws: