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Horseshoe Bay Projects

Projects happening in Horseshoe Bay

All timelines are subject to change due to weather, funding, or contractor availability. Projects are listed in order of the expected start date. 

Note: construction is not permitted in West Vancouver on Statutory Holidays and Sundays. More information is outlined in the Noise Control Bylaw

Update on power outages in Horseshoe Bay

District staff have implemented several actions to address large trucks striking the hydro pole located at the roundabout at Nelson Avenue. The District prohibits heavy vehicles from using this route and is working to ensure that this information reaches truck drivers. This is what we are doing:
  • Increased bylaw enforcement in the area. If a driver is determined to have violated the regulations, they will be subject to a fine of $500 and could be liable for fines of up to $10,000 and up to sixty days in jail.
  • Installed improved “trucks prohibited” signage. View a photo.
  • Staff are looking into ways to protect the hydro pole on a permanent basis. Installation of a guardrail was considered, but it was determined that it would not provide any protection from large trucks. Staff continue to pursue other options.
  • Confirmed that construction contractors working in the area are following a Traffic Management Plan that identifies safe routes in and out of Horseshoe Bay Village.
  • Developing information materials for local businesses to provide to their delivery drivers.
  • Improved our Heavy Vehicle Routes webpage by adding information specific to Horseshoe Bay.
What you can do
  • Sign up for email updates for issues related to Horseshoe Bay.
  • Report violations to the Bylaw Department by email to [email protected] or by phone to 604-925-7152
  • Power outages can happen at any time. Be prepared for a power outage with an emergency plan and kit. Visit to learn more.
  • Local businesses can communicate with their delivery drivers regarding permitted routes. Truck drivers can refer to the Heavy Vehicle Routes web page for details.

Highway 1 Overpass Renewal

  • Timing: Construction will start September 7 and is expected to be complete by March 26, 2021.
  • Project description: Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure is renewing the overpass located on Highway 1, approximately one kilometre south of the BC Ferries terminal.
  • Construction impacts:
    • Access to the ferry terminal will not be affected.
    • Access to Horseshoe Bay Village will have intermittent nighttime detours.
  • Contact person: Dave Lammers, Seismic Construction Ltd., 604-928-8733

Horseshoe Bay Streetscape

  • Timing: Construction will start Tuesday, September 8 and will take approximately nine weeks to complete.
  • Project description: Upgrades to Royal Avenue between Bay Street and Bruce Street will include installation of new sidewalks, lighting, plantings, curb bulges, and asphalt pavement. A separated northbound bike lane will be installed on the east side of Royal Avenue, with no impact to existing parking spaces. In addition, preparations have begun for the undergrounding of hydro poles in the Horseshoe Bay commercial area, including Royal Avenue, Bay Street and Bruce Street. All archeological permits have been received.
Streetscape improvements began in September with the following impacts from construction:
  • UPDATE: Royal Avenue will be open to one-way traffic, northbound from Bruce Street to Bay Street between 7 a.m.–5 p.m. on weekdays. Two-way traffic will be permitted between Bruce Street and Bay Street after 5 p.m. and on weekends.
  • UPDATE: The laneway between Bruce Street and Bay Street, from Royal Avenue to Nelson Avenue will be open to two-way traffic. Traffic control personnel will be on-site to assist vehicles from Bruce Street onto Royal Avenue and the laneway.
  • The laneway between Bruce Street and Bay Street, from Keith Road to Royal Avenue will be accessible only from Keith Road.
  • Streetscapes work on Royal Avenue is projected to be complete by early December 2020, weather permitting.
Work for the week of November 30 – December 4 will include:
  • Concrete work will continue on the east side of Royal Avenue including sidewalks, bike lane, and curbs.
  • Vegetation will be installed in the planter bulbs.
  • Road markings will be installed as soon as the weather allows, which will result in the closure of Royal Avenue to vehicle traffic for one day.
  • This work will cause temporary disruptions to business access. The contractor will provide advance notice to businesses of these temporary access disruptions.

Construction map: September to December 2020

For background on this project, visit:  

Horseshoe Bay Streetscape

Watermain Replacement - Nelson Avenue between the waterfront and Argyle Avenue

  • Timing: Construction planned to begin the week of Monday, September 21 and will take approximately 10 weeks to complete.
  • Project description: Construction is currently underway to replace the watermain on Nelson Avenue, from the cul-de-sac (north end of Nelson Avenue) up to Argyle Street. Upon reaching the south side of Bruce Street, crews will begin work on sanitary manhole installation for one to two days with an archaeological consultant and First Nation monitors. Once sanitary manhole installation is complete, crews will recommence watermain works along Nelson Avenue.
  • Construction impacts: 
    • Construction work continues to replace the watermain on Nelson Avenue, from the cul-de-sac (north end of Nelson Avenue) up to Argyle Street.
    • There will be temporary no parking on Nelson Avenue between Bruce Street and Argyle Avenue.
    • UPDATED: Nelson Ave remains open to local traffic but all other traffic from Bay Street at Nelson Avenue will be detoured east along Bruce Street and south on Royal Avenue. Parking restrictions on Nelson Avenue north of Bruce Street to Bay Street have been removed. On-street parking for residents of Nelson Avenue south of Bruce Street will be directed to alternate streets.
    • As watermain construction work moves south along Nelson Avenue, and it is determined safe for vehicles to park in the area, the parking restrictions will be lifted and no stopping signs removed. Parking spots will be required for staging of material, and parking for District and contractor vehicles.
    • Bus service: Due to watermain work on Nelson Avenue, bus stop #54558 located at 6400 block of Nelson Avenue will be temporarily closed. A temporary stop will be placed one block south on Nelson Avenue at Chatham Street. This change is expected to be in effect until November 13. When bus stops are moved temporarily, the change is communicated via site signage and an update on the TransLink website. If there are transit disruptions or route changes, that information will also be posted on the TransLink website. View TransLink Alerts & Advisories.
  • Staff contact: Mariano Cusano, Superintendent – Utilities Construction, 604-921-2923 or email.

Construction map: September to November 2020

Sanitary Sewer Replacement - Bay Street between Royal Avenue and Nelson Avenue

  • Timing: Construction is expected to begin in December 2020 and will take approximately seven weeks to complete.
  • Project description: The sanitary sewer system from the intersection of Royal Avenue and Bay Street to the intersection of Nelson Avenue and Bay Street requires replacement. Work will proceed from east to west, starting at Royal Avenue and heading towards Nelson Avenue.
  • Construction impacts: Temporary removal of commercial parking on the south side of Bay Street and conversion of angle parking on the north side to parallel parking.
  • Staff contact: Mariano Cusano, Superintendent – Utilities Construction, 604-921-2923 or email.

Construction map: December 2020 to February 2021

Horseshoe Bay Park Revitalization - Bay Street between Royal Avenue and Nelson Avenue

  • Timing: Working drawings for the upgrades to Horseshoe Bay Park are currently in development. During this phase of the work, the District must apply for and obtain the required archaeological permits prior to breaking any ground. The federal Fisheries Act requires construction to occur at the lowest tides of the year to minimize environmental disruptions. West Vancouver's lowest tides occur during the summer. With consideration for these timelines, park improvements are anticipated to begin in spring or summer 2021.
  • Project description: The District is working to revitalize Horseshoe Bay Park and create a gathering space for residents and visitors alike. The goal is to create a free-flowing connected park space from the Horseshoe Bay Pier all the way to the BC Ferries terminal. The detailed working drawings phase is underway.
  • Construction impacts: Once the details have been finalized, we will update you on the traffic impacts you can expect this fall.
  • Staff contact: Carolyn Kennedy, Park Planner, 604-925-7146 or email

Construction map: Winter 2020/2021

More information on Revitalizing Horseshoe Bay Park

Sewell's Development

  • Timing: Construction is well underway and finishing stages will start to take place this fall. Anticipated occupancy is scheduled to begin in December 2020, with move-in dates early 2021.
  • Project description: The Horseshoe Bay Residences are a mixed residential and commercial project.
  • Staff contact: Toby Rogers, Supervisor/Senior Land Development Technician, 604-913-2722 or email

More information about the Sewell's Development

Hydro Pole Undergrounding Work - Bay Street and commercial areas of Royal Avenue and Bruce Street

  • Timing: Construction is planned to begin in 2021 and will take approximately three weeks to complete.
  • Project description: Overhead connections will be converted to underground connections, and the hydro poles will be removed. Phase 1 undergrounding will include the commercial area of Royal Avenue and Bruce Street. Phase 2 undergrounding work will encompass Bay Street, as part of Horseshoe Bay Streetscape project. Design work is now underway.
  • Staff contact: Vanessa Garrett, Manager of Roads & Transportation, 604-921-2933 or email.

Horseshoe Bay Local Area Plan 

  • Timing: Phase 3 is now complete and a review of all public input has been completed.
    • The full transcript of all Phase 3 community input, a summary of Phase 3 engagement findings, and a Council report are now available online. View the report.
    • On September 14, 2020, Council received the Phase 3 report and directed staff to proceed to Phase 4 Plan in the coming months.
  • Project description: Creating a Local Area Plan for Horseshoe Bay. A local area plan identifies features of the community that are highly valued by citizens and provides policy on how to protect and enhance them.

More information on Horseshoe Bay Local Area Plan

Spirit Trail along Royal Avenue

  • Timing: TBC
  • Project description: This portion of the Spirit Trail will be constructed along Royal Avenue between Chatham Street and Bruce Street.

More information on the Spirit Trail along Royal Avenue


Some of the projects below have a dedicated webpage in westvancouverITE (the District's online engagement tool used to connect with residents). Sign up for your westvancouverITE account to take surveys, ask questions, and more

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Horseshoe Bay Local Area Plan

This District began work on a Local Area Plan for Horseshoe Bay in 2019.  When complete, it will become part of the Official Community Plan.

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