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Horseshoe Bay Streetscape

NOVEMBER 20, 2019

The District has decided to postpone further construction of the Horseshoe Bay Streetscape project on Royal Avenue pending the issuance of a provincial permit under the Heritage Conservation Act. This course of action has been recommended by an independent archaeologist engaged by the District. This process is expected to take three to four months, and the District will be engaging with stakeholders to coordinate the timing for the resumption of construction.

The District’s contractor will be taking immediate steps to remove stockpiled construction materials, and seal the disturbed work area with temporary asphalt. Once this work has been completed, parking will be restored as soon as possible on both sides of Royal Avenue between Bruce Street and Bay Street.

Please be assured that all parties are committed to this project and the completion of the streetscape work. The District appreciates the community’s patience.


October 25, 2019 Update

Crews have now commenced some above ground preparatory work associated with the streetscape improvements.

With respect to underground excavation for the project, the District is continuing to address potential concerns about the risk of damage to archaeological heritage in the area. More information about the timing of full construction activities will be posted here once available.

October 17, 2019 Update

The construction for Phase 1 of the Horseshoe Bay Streetscape Revitalization project is currently delayed.

The District is working to address potential concerns about the risk of damage to archaeological heritage in the area. This is an important process that needs to be undertaken and the District is committed to complying with all legal obligations including the Heritage Conservation Act. More information about timing will be provided once available.

Project Details

Upgrades to Royal Avenue between Bay Street and Bruce Street will include installation of new sidewalks, lighting, plantings, curb bulges and asphalt pavement. 

A separated northbound bike lane will be installed on the east side of Royal Avenue, with no impact to existing parking spaces.

In addition, preparations have begun for the undergrounding of hydro poles in the Horseshoe Bay commercial area, including Royal Avenue, Bay Street and Bruce Street.

Construction schedule

Work is expected to be completed in 6–8 weeks, weather permitting.

Construction is scheduled to occur Monday to Friday from 7:30 a.m.–5:30 p.m. and Saturday from 8 a.m.–5 p.m.

Crews may work extended hours as required in order to help complete the project in a timely manner with minimal disruption. Temporary parking restrictions will be in effect during construction hours.

Traffic impacts

During construction, traffic control personnel will be on site to manage traffic flow and provide safe access for pedestrians and emergency vehicles. Every effort will be made to minimize disruptions to businesses while this work is being completed.

Royal Avenue and Bruce Street will remain open with periods when vehicle access is restricted to local residents.

Parking will be restricted on the road and boulevards during construction. Temporary no parking signs will be installed prior to construction.

Please expect delays and consider alternate routes.

About the plan

The Horseshoe Bay Streetscape Plan is a cohesive and unified streetscape design strategy to revitalize the commercial area of Horseshoe Bay Village, which hasn't been upgraded on a large scale since 1986. The intention is to enhance livability, strengthen economic activity and create a vibrant area where local businesses can compete with other retail centres.

The Horseshoe Bay streetscape improvements will be phased and will coincide with construction of the Spirit Trail to minimize impacts on residents.

The streetscape improvements will:

  • help foster a unique and distinct sense of place
  • create public space for programming
  • prioritize pedestrian and cycling use
  • increase road safety
  • exemplify the District’s commitment to sustainable transportation and development

Plan Drawings

Phase 1 Site Plan

Learn more about the Spirit Trail along Royal Avenue

Information Sessions

Thank you to everyone that stopped by an informaiton session on August 21 and 22 in Horseshoe Bay (at Royal Avenue and Bay Street). 

We heard positive feedback about the planned undergrounding of the hydro poles in the commercial area of Horseshoe Bay.

We also heard your concerns about loading zones and the turning radius for delivery vehicles around the corners.

Staff are reviewing all feedback received and will be following up with the consultants on these questions. 

Information Session Boards

Past consultation

Information meeting

An information meeting was held on April 24, 2018, for residents to learn more and ask questions about plans for the construction of the Horseshoe Bay Streetscape and Spirit Trail along Royal Avenue. Over 50 people attended the open house and provided input into the draft design.

This input has been summarized and will be incorporated into changes to the design.

Open House - Information Boards

The District has summarized the feedback received from residents in a question and answer format in the document below. 

Open House - Feedback and Responses


We asked for your input on the design of the planned Spirit Trail along Royal Avenue and the Horseshoe Bay streetscape improvements in spring 2018. This feedback will help to inform the final design of both the Horseshoe Bay Streetscape and Spirit Trail along Royal Avenue.

View survey results