Five Creeks Stormwater Flood Protection Project

April 2017 Update

Due to the many approving agencies and necessary environmental components related to this project, staff are anticipating that it may now be many months before this project is fully approved to move forward.

Project Details

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The District’s 2013 Integrated Stormwater Management Plan recommends a diversion pipe to address concerns related to life and property safety in the Westmount and Altamont neighbourhoods.

The construction will be broken down into sections and completed in phases to reduce the disruption as much as possible. All affected residents will be notified prior to work being done in their neighbourhoods.

The project is a relatively large storm sewer that will run from above the Upper Levels Highway to a new outfall into Burrard Inlet. The purpose of this storm sewer project is to contain future extreme storm flows from the watersheds of Pipe Creek, Westmount Creek, Cave Creek, Turner Creek and Godman Creek which could otherwise impact the Westmount and Altamont neighbourhoods with erosion and even flooding.  

The project will benefit approximately 800 homes below the Upper Levels Highway, it will increase the level of flood protection for existing properties and reduce erosion hazards.

In the event that blasting is required during construction due to the topography of the area, a pre-blasting survey will be conducted by the blasting company for all residents located within 50 meters of a proposed blasting site, access to the residents may be required.

Five Creeks Stormwater Flood Projection Project Map

Five Creeks display boards from Public Information Meeting June 8, 2016


Kristi Merilees
Manager, Community Relations



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