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Heavy Vehicle Routes

Trucks, trailers and truck tractor/ tractor-trailer combinations in excess of 11,800 kg GVW are prohibited from travelling downhill on most streets below the Upper Levels Highway and certain other streets.

Violating the rules

Violating the heavy vehicle regulations will result in an immediate fine of $500, and could result in fines of up to $10,000 and up to sixty days in jail.

Use Marine Drive when entering West Vancouver

Heavy vehicles can only enter the area below the Upper Levels Highway west of Taylor Way at either:

  • Taylor Way from both Hwy 1 and from Marine Drive
  • Eagleridge Hwy exit #2 Eagleridge Drive is prohibited
  • Horseshoe Bay from both Hwy 1 and from Marine Drive

Marine Drive may be used wherever it can be accessed without using a restricted route.

Heavy vehicles may access Caulfeild Village Shopping Centre from the Upper Levels Highway, but are not permitted beyond the shopping centre on steep sections of Headland Drive.

Designated routes allow vehicles circulating in the Ambleside or Dundarave business areas to access Marine Drive.

To exit West Vancouver 

Heavy vehicles can only exit West Vancouver using one of the following routes:

  • uphill to the Upper Levels Highway
  • along Marine Drive to Taylor Way
  • along Marine Drive to Horseshoe Bay


Engineering Department



Written applications for exemptions can be made to the Director, of Engineering & Transportation Services. These are usually limited to areas close to the Upper Levels Highway that involve limited downhill travel.

Detailed Restrictions

Check out the heavy vehicle-restricted routes in West Vancouver for details of restricted and permit-only routes.

Heavy Vehicle Map Only

Heavy Vehicle Map & List of Restricted Routes

Please note: The maximum vehicle weight has been changed from 10,000 GVW to 11,800 GVW.