Home, Building & Property

Everything for the home owner, from planning to permits, to curbside garbage and recycling pick-up, to drinking water to dog licences.

Garbage & Recycling

What goes in and what doesn't, how to sort it, what we pick up and where to take the rest.

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Permits & Licences

All permits and licences for residents and homeowners, in alphabetical order.

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Construction & Renovating

Permits and licences for construction & renovation, resources for contractors, order house plans.

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Taxes & Utility Fees

Property taxes are due in July. Utility bills are due quarterly and are based on your usage.

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Emergency Preparedness

What to do in the event of an emergency, dealing with extreme weather, fire prevention and safety, earthquake preparedness.

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Water & Sewers

Learn about drinking water, where it comes from, how to conserve it to save money on your utilities bill. Sewers, storm drains and culverts keep the system moving.

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Housing, development regulations and applications, and heritage.

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Dogs & Backyard Chickens

How to licence and take care of your animals.

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Major Projects

Policy and infrastructure projects.

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Metered Water

Water and sewer are fully metered, which means you pay based on how much water you use. Since we introduced water metering in 2007, overall consumption has dropped by 25 per cent.  

Reduce the amount of water you use and save money on your quarterly utility bill.

Want to track your water consumption? Watch your water consumption trends online through MyDistrict.


Recycling & Garbage

West Vancouver diverts approximately 72 per cent of household waste from the landfill through our recycling programs. Find out what goes where and when it gets picked up with the WestVanCollect app.

Garbage & Recycling