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Project Details

May 28 update

The 90-metre section of the bike lane on Royal Avenue between Bruce Street and Bay Street continues to be closed to bicycles and will remain closed on a temporary basis, until such time that it can be integrated into a more extensive, connected cycling network.

As an interim measure, the District has installed temporary planter boxes and seating areas to allow the bike lane to be utilized as a public space.

Community engagement and consultation are planned prior to proceeding with the next phases of the Horseshoe Bay Streetscape. A number of items factor into this decision, including community feedback on Phase 1 Streetscape, scheduling related to other projects such as the Horseshoe Bay Park revitalization, Metro Vancouver pump station upgrades, and BC Ferries terminal upgrades.

The District plans to engage and consult with the community on Phase 2 in 2023.

Upgrades to Royal Avenue between Bay Street and Bruce Street will include installation of new sidewalks, lighting, plantings, curb bulges and asphalt pavement. 

A separated northbound bike lane will be installed on the east side of Royal Avenue, with no impact to existing parking spaces.

About the plan

The Horseshoe Bay Streetscape Plan is a cohesive and unified streetscape design strategy to revitalize the commercial area of Horseshoe Bay Village, which hasn't been upgraded on a large scale since 1986. The intention is to enhance livability, strengthen economic activity and create a vibrant area where local businesses can compete with other retail centres.

The Horseshoe Bay streetscape improvements will be phased and will coincide with construction of the Spirit Trail to minimize impacts on residents.

The streetscape improvements will:

  • help foster a unique and distinct sense of place
  • create public space for programming
  • prioritize pedestrian and cycling use
  • increase road safety
  • exemplify the District’s commitment to sustainable transportation and development

Royal Avenue - rendering

Horseshoe Bay Streetscape - Phase 1 Plan

Information Session Boards

Learn more about the Spirit Trail along Royal Avenue

Past consultation

Information meeting

An information meeting was held on April 24, 2018, for residents to learn more and ask questions about plans for the construction of the Horseshoe Bay Streetscape and Spirit Trail along Royal Avenue. Over 50 people attended the open house and provided input into the draft design.

This input has been summarized and will be incorporated into changes to the design.

Open House - Information Boards

The District has summarized the feedback received from residents in a question and answer format in the document below. 

Open House - Feedback and Responses


We asked for your input on the design of the planned Spirit Trail along Royal Avenue and the Horseshoe Bay streetscape improvements in spring 2018. This feedback will help to inform the final design of both the Horseshoe Bay Streetscape and Spirit Trail along Royal Avenue.

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