Sea Level Rise

As a result of climate change, coastal areas, including West Vancouver’s waterfront, are vulnerable to flooding from extreme weather. This risk will continue to increase with projected sea level rise in the future where low-lying areas will become even more vulnerable to flooding over time. This is already experienced on the North Shore during combined strong winds and high tides.

Adapting proactively will help prepare the community for changes in coastal areas, benefit financial planning and risk reduction, improve environmental health and may provide additional community benefits such as enriched public spaces and enhanced community well-being.

West Vancouver has been implementing a Shoreline Protection Plan (adaptation) for several years now, proactively enhancing the foreshore and restoring materials lost to erosion over the years. This work has taken on greater urgency as sea level rise becomes more apparent with each passing year.

Waterfront residents may contact the District for more information about getting involved in foreshore enhancement to address shoreline erosion and impacts to infrastructure.


Facilities Department



North Shore Sea Level Rise Strategy

Learn more about developing a strategy for the North Shore.

North Shore Sea Level Rise Strategy

Coastal Marine Management Plan Working Group

The District’s Coastal Marine Management Plan Working Group is working to provide policy recommendations on the management of our coast, including issues related to sea level rise.

Coastal Marine Management Plan Working Group