North Shore Sea Level Rise Strategy

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The North Shore is home to a vibrant and densely developed coastline that faces increasing impacts from climate change, including sea level rise, coastal flooding and storm surge, coastal erosion, and intertidal area change.

The District of West Vancouver, District of North Vancouver, City of North Vancouver, Squamish Nation, Port of Vancouver, and North Shore Emergency Management worked together to develop the Sea Level Rise Strategy. This is an important step in planning and policy development to make existing and future development and habitats more resilient to coastal dynamics and future climate change.

The final North Shore Sea Level Rise Risk Assessment and Adaptive Management Strategy combines technical work on the risks of sea level rise, feedback from the community related to land and infrastructure protection as well as adaptation strategies most appropriate for this community. These strategies will help the community manage risk and ultimately adapt to sea level rise.

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Visit the District of North Vancouver's website to view the strategy and learn more.