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E-bike share pilot program

What is E-Bike share?

E-bike share is a short-term rental program for electric bikes. Residents sign-up to participate and have access to rent an e-bike from a fleet available at a variety of public locations. For a fee, members can pick up a bike at one location and drop it off at any other designated location.

E-bike share provides an easy, cost-effective, and environmentally-sensitive transportation option. Similar bike share systems are in place in the City of Vancouver and at the University of British Columbia.

An e-bike has an integrated electric motor that adds power to your pedalling, so tackling the hilly North Shore terrain will be easier than ever for adults of all ages and abilities.

Next steps

West Vancouver Council will consider the adoption of a guiding policy for e-bike share, as well as enabling bylaws to formally join the North Shore pilot in spring 2021. Further updates will be posted to this page as the project moves forward.

The e-bike share pilot program will be privately run with one company being granted a permit to operate on the North Shore. The permit is granted on a pilot basis and will last for two years. During this period, the three partner municipalities will assess the success of the program based on how well it meets municipal goals. We will regularly review user data and public feedback, and will regularly report on the pilot’s status to Council.

Once in place, the North Shore e-bike share system will be the first of its kind in the province.


Zachary Mathurin
North Shore Mobility Options Coordinator