E-bike share pilot program

December 2021 update

The District of West Vancouver, City of North Vancouver, and the District of North Vancouver are taking part in a two-year pilot program to introduce electric-bike share to the North Shore. 

The e-bike share was introduced in North Vancouver earlier this year and has been popular among riders. In total, there have been 12,000 e-bike trips, covering over 25,000 kilometres. 

Short trips were the most common—the median trip length was 1.6 kilometres or nine minutes long. Approximately 6,100 kilograms of CO2 was saved, compared to if these trips were done by vehicle. 

We recognize there have been some reported issues and operational challenges that the North Vancouver municipalities and the program operator, Lime, are working together to resolve. In particular, Lime is working on encouraging riders to park in designated parking locations, known as groves. This is being done by balancing incentives and penalties to park in the groves, adding additional groves, monitoring parking, and educating riders on these changes.  

We look forward to Lime implementing these improvements and expanding the e-bike share program in West Vancouver during the spring of 2022.

During the pilot project, the municipalities will work with Lime to provide guidance and conduct ongoing monitoring and outreach to assess the impacts and success of the program. District staff will regularly review user data and public feedback, and will report on the pilot’s status to Council and the public.  

Why e-bikes?

E-bike share programs provide an easy, cost-effective, and environmentally-sensitive transportation option. Similar non-electric bike share systems are in place in the City of Vancouver and at the University of British Columbia. The North Shore’s e-bike share pilot will be the first all-electric bike share of its kind in British Columbia.

Based in San Francisco, Lime has proven experience operating shared electric mobility systems in dozens of cities around the world, such as Calgary, Ottawa, and Seattle. Through the Lime app, riders will be able to start and end their e-bike rides from any designated parking location for trips anywhere across the North Shore, including its many hills.

The pilot program supports the recommendations of the Integrated North Shore Transportation Planning Project (INSTPP) initiative, which brought together all levels of government across the North Shore, including First Nations and TransLink, to identify, evaluate, and prioritize joint transportation decisions. The pilot also aligns with the objectives of Council’s Strategic Goals to improve mobility, reduce congestion on our roads, and protect our natural environment.

“The electric bike-share program complements our goal to improve West Vancouver’s active transportation network of walking and cycling trails, and public transportation. This innovative pilot project makes it easier to move around West Vancouver and across the North Shore, while relying less on gas-powered cars to get us where we want to go,” said Mayor Mary-Ann Booth, Chair of North Shore Connects, an initiative that builds on the work and recommendations of INSTPP. 

“Fuel to power our motor vehicles is a leading cause of greenhouse gas emissions in West Vancouver, and e-bikes will help us lower those emissions, while providing residents and visitors a fun way to exercise and enjoy the outdoors. This also provides a great opportunity for everyone to try out an e-bike for the first time!”

What is e-bike share?

An e-bike has an integrated electric motor that adds power to your pedalling, so tackling the hilly terrain will be easier than ever for adults of all ages and abilities.

E-bike share is a short-term rental program for electric bikes. Residents sign-up to participate and have access to rent an e-bike from a fleet available at a variety of public locations. For a fee, members can pick up a bike at one location and drop it off at any other designated location.

E-bike share provides an easy, cost-effective, and environmentally-sensitive transportation option. Similar bike share systems are in place in the City of Vancouver and at the University of British Columbia.


Zachary Mathurin
North Shore Mobility Options Coordinator