Earthquake Preparedness

Each year more than 1,000 earthquakes are recorded in Western Canada, and the North Shore could experience an earthquake that causes damage and injury at any time.

The District of West Vancouver, together with North Shore Emergency Management and the other North Shore municipalities, prepare and train for such an eventuality. In the event of an earthquake, municipal staff and emergency responders will work to protect lives and infrastructure. Residents should be prepared with food and water to last 72 hours. There is much you can do to prepare for an earthquake:


  • Make sure your house is safe. Secure shelving and furniture to prevent them from becoming dangerous objects during shaking
  • Prepare an emergency kit for your household
  • Take a free workshop on emergency preparedness
  • Plan an out-of-area contact where all family members can check in, in case you are separated
  • Identify safe places indoors and out-of-doors


  • If you are inside your home when an earthquake strikes, DROP under a sturdy piece of furniture, COVER your body, and HOLD ON. If the furniture moves, move with it.
  • The inner core of a building is usually safe. Get down along an inner wall or corner and place your head close to your knees.


  • Retrieve your emergency kit
  • Expect aftershocks
  • Administer first aid
  • Contact your loved ones through social media or an out-of-area contact
  • Check for gas leaks
  • Look for electrical system damage
  • If you suspect water or sewer line damage, do not use your toilet
  • Listen to local media for more information
  • If you are asked to evacuate, please comply with instructions

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