WESTmap is an interactive map that can be used to explore West Vancouver.

  • Property information
  • Tax information
  • Legal lots
  • Rights of Way (SRW)
  • Assessed values
  • Aerial photographs
  • Service locations
  • Points of interest (locate public facilities and activity locations)
  • Capital projects (planned projects, road construction, repairs)
  • Services and amenities
  • Other related resources and links

View WESTmap

Municipal Map and Guide

Includes streets, parks, schools and municipal facilities.

Legal Map

Shows property lines and dimensions within the District

Utilities Map

The District's drainage, sanitary and water systems.

Zoning Index Map

Contains a grid for individual maps which show detailed information of the District's Zoning


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Residents' Guide

Whether you are a new resident in West Vancouver, or you have lived here for many years, the guide is packed with information you need to know to be a responsible citizen & good neighbour.