Join a virtual Council meeting or public hearing

Council meetings and Public Hearings are being conducted via electronic communication facilities, pursuant to Council Procedure Bylaw No. 5005, 2019. Click the link below to learn how to participate electronically. The following electronic participation options are provided:

To watch online please visit Only use this option if you do not wish to participate electronically.

To participate by phone or Webex, phone Legislative Services at 604-925-7004 between 8 a.m. and the adjournment of the meeting on the scheduled meeting/hearing date to register to speak.

Via Telephone

  • Provide staff with your name, phone number, and a description of the item that you wish to speak to; and
  • Staff will phone you during the meeting/hearing in order to provide you with an opportunity to address Council via telephone during that item.

Via Webex

Before the meeting/hearing:

At the scheduled meeting/hearing start time:

  • Navigate to the Council Agendas webpage.
  • Click the Webex link next to the meeting/hearing that you wish to join.
  • Enter your first name, last name, email address, and event password (westvan). The password field may already be filled in.
  • Click the “Join Now” button. Note: Public speakers must not "Join by Browser". Only click the button to "Join by Browser" if you do not plan on speaking as your video and microphone will not transmit.

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  • Ensure that your audio and video devices are connected by clicking “test speaker and microphone”.
  • Click “Join Event” to join the meeting/hearing. Your microphone and video will be turned off automatically upon entry.

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  • When it is your turn to speak, your microphone will be unmuted and you will be given the option to turn on your video. Note: You must sign up to speak in advance by phoning Legislative Services at 604-925-7004.
  • When you are done speaking, the host will mute your microphone and turn off your video.

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