Municipal Hall - Fire Hall No. 1 upgrades

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Construction to complete seismic upgrades continues at Municipal Hall. This project will help ensure that District staff are able to continue to serve residents after a seismic event. When complete, the structural upgrades will bring Municipal Hall up to Building Code standards and the envelope and systems upgrades will provide energy efficiencies that meet the District’s climate goals reducing the building's annual Green House Gas emissions by 90%+.

Fire Hall Upgrades Complete

The Fire Hall upgrades are substantially complete, and the Fire Hall is fully operational.

Municipal Hall Upgrade

October 17, 2022 update

Project elements currently being worked on include:

  • the elevator is nearing completion and final commissioning is anticipated in late October
  • the fire alarm installation is nearing completion and the crews are waiting for system components to arrive and be installed
  • exterior stucco repairs
  • exterior parking lot restoration and exterior clean-up
  • interior painting
  • flooring installation
  • washroom fixture installation


Based on estimates for the remaining work to be completed, final occupancy is anticipated to be approved in late October, with staff returning to work in Municipal Hall in early November.
The District recognizes this work is noisy, disruptive, and has an impact on our neighbours. We appreciate your continued patience as we complete this necessary work.
Please note that all of the timelines are connected and if one component is delayed, the completion date is impacted. Delays may occur due to weather, delays in materials, or specialist contractor availability. All the work will be completed within the noise bylaw regulations, Monday to Friday, between 7:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m.