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CleanBC heat pump rebate

CleanBC has a range of rebates available to fit your project, all available through the CleanBC website. Rebates amounts are subject to change. Visit the CleanBC website for the most recent information.

West Vancouver top-up rebate

As a municipal partner, the District is providing a limited number of $2,000 top-up rebates for West Vancouver residents switching from a fossil fuel heating system, such as natural gas, to an electric air-source heat pump. These are administered by CleanBC on a first come-first served basis.

Heat pump group purchase rebate

CleanBC is now offering an additional heat pump group purchase rebate of up to $500 for homeowners switching from an oil, natural gas, or propane heating system to an eligible air source heat pump.

The more homes that register and apply as a group using the same group code, the higher the rebate for each participant, so share this page with your friends.

Current North Shore Group Code: GPR0036-EXP25/05/2021

This code expires on May 25, 2021, and can be used by a maximum of 30 participants. A new code will be posted to this webpage once the existing one is full or expired.

How to take advantage of the Group Purchase Rebate:

  1. Register with the North Shore Group Code at once you have installed your eligible heat pump.
  2. Apply to Clean BC Better Homes for all eligible rebates before the code expires. Don’t forget to enter your GPR group code in the promo code field of the application form. If you have multiple Codes (i.e. GPR code and the double the rebate promo code), include both separated by a comma in this field.
  3. Spread the word about the North Shore group code. The more homes that install a heat pump and apply using the same code, the higher the rebate. Participants must register with the complete GPR Code (format GPRXXXX-EXPDD/MM/YYYY), have their heat pump installed, and submit applications for rebates within six months of their final installation invoice date.

Watch and find out why heat pumps are a better way to heat your home

Homeowner webinar

View a recording of our webinar to find out tips from industry experts.

This campaign is part of the District’s of West Vancouver efforts towards addressing climate change in alignment with its Community Energy and Emissions Plan, Better Climate, Better Community, and Council’s 2019 climate emergency declaration. This program was developed with financial support from BC Hydro.

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