Jump on a New Heat Pump

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North Shore municipalities team up with CleanBC

We’re working with the other North Shore municipalities and the Province’s CleanBC program to help homeowners make the switch to heat pumps for heating and cooling, and energy efficiency upgrades to their homes.

What is a Heat Pump?

A heat pump is an efficient heating and cooling system that uses electricity not to create heat, but to move it from one place to another. In the winter, a heat pump captures heat from the outside air and transfers it indoors through a cycle of compression and expansion of a refrigerant. In the summer, it operates in reverse and transfers heat from inside your home to the outdoors, like an air conditioner.

To find out if a heat pump is the right fit for your home, sign up for a free homeowner information webinar.
Date: Wednesday, July 17, 2024
Time: 12–1 p.m.
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Watch and find out why heat pumps are a better way to heat your home


What do North Shore residents think about their heat pumps?


Navigating the Heat Pump Journey

  1. Do your homework: do some research to learn the basics about heat pumps and energy efficiency.
  2. Make a plan: figure out what you currently have for home heating and what you want out of a heat pump.
  3. Get help: book a free Virtual Home Energy Consultation to get answers and support from a local energy expert.
  4. Review support programs: check program websites to identify rebates or financing you may be eligible for.
  5. Reach out to contractors: find local contractors though the CleanBC search tool and get at least three quotes.
  6. Select a contractor: pick a contractor who can provide the system you want at a cost that meets your budget.
  7. Schedule your installation: time to let the professionals get to work!
  8. Enjoy: learn about your new system; submit your rebate applications; and enjoy your comfortable, green home.

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Homeowner Resources

These resources can help you make the switch to a new heat pump and energy efficiency upgrades to your home:

  • North shore residents can get a free Virtual Home Energy Consultation that includes a one-on-one conversation with an energy expert to assess what home energy upgrades best suit your goals and priorities, and ongoing support and expert advice throughout the home energy upgrade journey.
  • The Homeowners Guide will help guide you through the stages of installing a heat pump in your home.

Rebates and Financing

North shore homeowners can access rebates and zero-interest financing to help make the switch to a heat pump and energy efficiency upgrades to their homes.

  • The CleanBC Better Homes program offers rebates for heat pumps and other home energy upgrades. 
  • The CleanBC Energy Savings program offers enhanced rebates for low – and middle – income households.
  • Canada Greener Homes program offers zero-interest financing to cover the costs of home energy upgrades, including heat pumps.
  • The District is offering a limited number of top-up rebates for electric service upgrades ($1,500) and heat pump water heaters ($1,000). Homeowner eligibility will be automatically assessed through the CleanBC Better Homes program.

These programs offer support for a broad range of home energy upgrades. To learn which upgrades might be right for your home, register for a free Home Energy Consultation.

Other Resources 

Looking for more information? These resources can help you make the switch to a new heat pump and energy efficiency upgrades to your home:


This program is part of the North Shore municipalities' efforts to address climate change and achieve the emission reduction targets set in our Community Energy and Emissions Plan, Better Climate, Better Community. This program was developed with financial support from BC Hydro.