4363 Morgan Crescent (EDP with Variance)

Development Application - Approved Applications
March 2023 update 

The Development Permit for the Environmental Development Permit with variance to site width was issued on March 9, 2023.  


The District has received an application for an Environmental Development Permit (EDP) EDP22-009 with variance to facilitate a two-lot subdivision of 1058.9 m2 and 1060.3 m2 in site area. The the proposed variances are to site width and are 2.0 m for Lot  A and 1.3 m for Lot B.

The EDP is required to demolish the existing single-family dwelling as it within 15 metres from the top of bank of a watercourse (Cypress Creek) which flows to the rear of the property. The subdivision of the site would enable new houses to be built further from Cypress Creek.

Council has delegated the approval of Environmental Development Permits to the Director of Planning & Development Services, subject to public input. As part of the consideration process, neighbours within 50 metres of the subject property will receive written notice about the application and will be given two weeks to provide comments to staff on the proposal. 

Proposed Subdivision Plan


Megan Roberts
Assistant Planner