The Wagner Residence

Municipality Designated Heritage Properties – Wagner Residence

6003 Eagleridge Drive

The Wagner Residence is located at 6003 Eagleridge Drive and was designed in 1963 by one of the Lower Mainland’s most notable architects, Percy Callahan Underwood (1894-1978), as his own home.  Completed in 1965 by craftsman Einer Silberbauer, the Wagner Residence is valued as a unique representation of the West Coast Style. Built on a steeply sloping 2,154 square metre lot along Eagleridge Drive, the Wagner Residence is significant for its integration with the surrounding natural environment.  The house was designed and constructed in an unusual variation of the West Coast Style of architecture, with references to romantic traditional architecture. The side-gabled, linear, one-storey house with partial basement maintains its original interior and exterior integrity.

The property was purchased by Yvonne Wagner in 1967 and has been maintained in excellent condition by Ms. Wagner ever since. At the request of the property owner, the Wagner House is now protected under “Heritage Designation Bylaw No. 4785, 2014”, which was adopted on October 6, 2014, as a municipally designated heritage property.