Garbage and Recycling

West Vancouver diverts an estimated 72 per cent of residential waste from landfill and is committed to protecting, restoring and defending our natural environment. 

Live in an apartment, condo or townhouse complex with shared collection?
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Recycling Collection

Recycling is collected every week in your Blue Box, Grey Box and Yellow Bag. Details

Green Can, Yard Trimmings and Compost

Green Can and Yard Trimmings are collected every week. Remember, food is not garbage. Details

Garbage Collection

Garbage is collected every other week. Check your schedule here. Details

Drop-off Depots

For large quantities of items accepted at the curb and much, much more. Details


2016 Collection Calendar

Collected every week

Collected every other week

Set out times

  • collection begins at 7:30 a.m.
  • set materials out after 5 a.m. on collection day, not the night before

WestVanCollect App

Download WestVanCollect and get your schedule on your phone (with reminders too).

WestVanCollect is available on iPhone and Android phones.

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More Information


Illegal Dumping

Dumping household garbage and junk in West Vancouver parks and public garbage cans is illegal. This includes dumping household waste in and around public garbage cans.

Apartment and Condos

Check out all the tips, tricks and resources available for responsible waste management for apartments, condos and townhouse complexes.