No Lawn Sprinkling

Stage 3 in effect

Due to low water reserves, Metro Vancouver has activated Stage 3 watering restrictions. This could easily last into November, and it will take an extra effort from our whole community to conserve water until wet weather returns.

Please review the list of Stage 3 water restrictions

Water shortages and fire risk: what you need to know

The District of West Vancouver (and all Metro Vancouver municipalities) are in Metro Vancouver's Stage 3 water restrictions. 

What is NOT allowed under Stage 3:

  • all lawn sprinkling (if you have an in-ground sprinkler system, shut it off)
  • using sprinklers or soaker hoses for any reason including to water trees, shrubs, flowers, planters and vegetable gardens
  • private pressure washing
  • washing driveways, sidewalks and parkades for aesthetic purposes
  • washing all vehicles: cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats and campers (except for safety—windows, lights and license plates only)
  • filling or refilling private swimming pools, hot tubs, fountains and garden ponds
  • operating ornamental fountains
  • all forms of watering for golf course fairways, cemetery lawns and municipal parks

What is allowed under Stage 3:

  • hand-watering trees, shrubs, flowers, planters, and vegetable gardens using a spring-loaded shutoff nozzle
  • hosing outdoor surfaces for safety (drive-ways, sidewalks, roofs) only if required to avoid health and safety concerns, or to prepare a surface for painting/sealing or similar treatment
  • commercial pressure washing only for safety purposes, or to prepare as surface for painting or similar purposes
  • commercial car wash operations
  • golf course watering of greens and tee areas at minimum levels required to maintain areas in usable condition
  • sports playing field (including sand-based) and school yard watering at minimum levels as required to maintain areas in usable condition
  • artificial turf requiring wetting and outdoor tracks if required for dust control or safety reasons
  • watering turf at turf farms, or flowers and vegetables at commercial gardens

Note about lawn sprinkling exemption permits: At Stage 3, all lawn sprinkling is prohibited, even for new lawns or nematode treatment. No new permits will be issued or renewed for new lawns, trees, shrubs or flowers. Previously issued permits are cancelled. Residents and builders planning to install new lawns are advised to wait until restrictions are lifted.

How you can help

If you see violations of lawn sprinkling restrictions, contact Bylaw & Licensing Services:

604-925-7152 (8 a.m.–8 p.m. every day)

To report someone in violation of fire restrictions (barbecue or smoking in parks, fireworks)


In addition to being fire-safe, be vigilant. If you see open flame or smoke in a forest or field, please call 911 immediately.

To report a leaking water main:

604-925-7101 (day time)

604-925-7100 (after 4 p.m.)


For general information, please call 604-925-7000

Full listing of Stage 3 water restrictions

Water saving tips

Fire: Extreme Fire Rating in effect

Conditions are tinder-dry. In a matter of seconds, a discarded cigarette butt can cause a grass fire that spreads rapidly. In West Vancouver, the fire department was called to 22 wildfires in June alone, and almost one per day in July—most of them the result of carelessly discarded smoking material.

The risk of fire is extreme, and a number of restrictions are in place to help cut down on the number of accidental fires.

  • No barbecues of any kind allowed in parks
  • No fireworks
  • No smoking in parks, trails or beaches
  • No backyard burning fireplaces
  • No campfires or open fires in provincial parks or crown land

How you can help

In addition to being fire-safe, be vigilant. If you see smoke, please call 911 immediately.

If you see someone using a banned device (barbecue, smoking in parks, fireworks, etc.) call 604-543-6700 and report it.



Parks and trails: open, with restrictions

Parks and trails are still open. If conditions worsen, closures may be necessary. Check the Current Fire Rating for daily updates.

  • All barbecues, both briquette and propane, are banned in all West Vancouver parks.
  • Smoking in parks and on trails is also banned.
  • No campfires or open fires in provincial parks or crown land.

How you can help

If you see a fire anywhere in West Vancouver, call 9-1-1.

If you see someone using a banned device (barbecue, smoking in parks, fireworks, etc.) call 604-543-6700 and report it.

Learn more about summer fire safety tips.



Reducing water use: the District is doing its part too

The District is making changes to operations as a result of Stage 3 water restrictions, as follows:

Lawns and flowers

  • Lawn sprinkling in parks is prohibited
  • Rutledge Field (artificial turf which requires sprinkling for health and safety reasons) is closed until water restrictions ease
  • Ornamental flower gardens will only be watered (by hand or using a spring-loaded shut-off nozzle) as needed to maintain health 
  • Golf course fairways will not be watered; watering of greens and tee areas will be minimal
  • Capilano View Cemetery will not be watered

Water play and fountains

  • Most fountains have been shut down, including the West Vancouver Community Centre fountain
  • Only user-activated water parks (Ambleside, John Lawson) remain open.
  • The wading pool at Dundarave is shut down

Using less water for washing up

  • No washing of municipal fleet vehicles for cosmetic purposes (washing for safety reasons only); this includes buses and fire trucks
  • No power washing; power washing will only be performed if required for health and safety reasons

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Answers to frequently-asked questions about water restrictions

Are water parks still open?
The water features at John Lawson Park, Ambleside Park and the whale at Horseshoe Bay Park remain open. They are permitted to do so because they operate by user-activated switches.  Hours of operation are subject to change. 

Are wading pools open?
No. Wading pools must be closed under the water restrictions

How come the fountains have been turned off?
Stage Three water restriction requires the municipality to shut down all water features. One fountain, at the West Vancouver Community Centre, remains open because it uses re-circulated water only.

Why are artificial turf fields being watered?
Some kinds of artificial turf fields require hosing for health and safety reasons, and are exempt from the restrictions for this reason. West Vancouver has chosen to close Rutledge Field until water restrictions ease.

What will happen with watering the golf courses and cemetery?
Golf course watering of greens and tee areas at minimum levels required to maintain areas in useable condition; golf course fairway will not be watered. Cemetery lawns will not be watered.

How often are flower beds going to be watered while there are water restrictions?
The district has turned off all automated irrigation systems on flower beds, and will supplement the watering with enough hand watering to keep the gardens alive. 

How often are regular lawns going to be watered?
No lawn sprinkling is taking place during Stage 3 water restrictions–same as residential requirements.

Can I still water my community garden?
Permit holders can still hand-water their community gardens with spring-loaded shut-off hose and watering cans. Residents can still water vegetable and flower gardens with spring-loaded shut-off hose and watering cans. 

Can I hose down my boat at the boat launch at Ambleside?
No. Washing or rinsing of boats, pleasure crafts, or vehicles for cosmetic reasons is prohibited; rinsing of windows, lights and licences only is permitted for safety reasons. It's best to use a bucket for this, not a hose. 

What about power washing driveways?
Washing for cosmetic purposes is prohibited. Washing driveways, sidewalks or parkades, whether using a hose or a power washer, is only permitted if it’s required for health or safety reasons. 

Answers to frequently-asked questions about fire restrictions

Are barbecues permitted in parks and beaches?
No. All types of barbecues are prohibited in parks and beaches.

Will any of the municipal parks and trails be closed because of the fire hazard level?
Currently all parks and trails remain open. Parks may be closed in the future at the District’s discretion. 

Is Lighthouse Park open?
Yes, Lighthouse Park is currently open.

Why aren’t tree cutting permits being issued?
All tree cutting work has been stopped to reduce the risk of any heat or spark off from equipment that can cause a reaction with the dry environment.  This ban will be lifted once the fire rating returns to moderate level. 

Am I allowed to smoke in parks and trails?
No. Smoking in parks and trails is prohibited.

What if I see someone smoking in a park or on a trail?
If you see anyone with a barbecue, open flame, or smoking, please call 604-543-6700 immediately to report it.


West Van traffic bulletin for August 27 - 29

Repaving Marine Drive near Gleneagles School, Queens Avenue repaving postponed. Details here...Read More

West Van traffic bulletin for August 21

Construction continues to impact traffic in and around West Vancouver. You may need to plan for delays or take alternate routes.Read More

Traffic bulletin for drivers, riders and transit users

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Council Briefs - July 27, 2015

The following items were considered by Council at the July 27 meeting:Read More

Whytecliff swimming advisory lifted

Vancouver Coastal Health has lifted the swimming advisory for Whytecliff beach. Read More

Construction Updates

Police Services and Municipal Hall construction

Construction of the new Police Services and Municipal Hall project is underway. Demolition of the south parkade takes place over August, and is moderately nosiy work. In late September, Esquimalt Avenue will be closed between 16th and 17th Streets.

The sout entrance on the main level of Municipal Hall is open as usual, but the lower and lower main entrances on the south side are closed during construction.

Police Services & Municipal Hall Project

Lions Gate Bridge north approach viaduct repaving - POSTPONED

Repaving of the north approach viaduct has been scheduled for some time, but has been delayed due to weather conditions. It had been scheduled for August 21, 22 & 23, but we've just had word it will not be going ahead this weekend. The new schedule will be posted here when it becomes available.

Spirit Trail installation near Gleneagles

The week of July 27, the District began installing a new segment of Spirit Trail multi-use path along 6300 block Marine Drive (in front of Gleneagles Elementary School). Marine Drive will remain open during construction, but periodic lane closures are expected and delays are possible. Temporary traffic lights have been installed to regulate traffic during lane closure, and will be in place until late August. Construction is scheduled to be completed by September.

Spirit Trail installation near Gleneagles

Hadden Creek Culvert Upgrades and Replacement

Upgrades to the culvert crossing 500 block Hadden Drive begins July 13 and will continue until the end of September. Hadden Drive, east of Southborough Drive, will be completely closed to pedestrians and through-traffic. The remainder of Hadden Drive will be open to local traffic only. Detour signage is in place.

Hadden Creek Culvert details

1100-1200 block Keith Road Water Main Replacement

Water main replacement is scheduled to begin June 29. Work will take approximately 12 weeks and will be followed by installation of a new sidewalk on the south side of this Keith Road segment as well as other pedestrian safety improvements.

Keith Road will remain open during construction, however, there will be times when vehicle access will be restricted.

Keith Road details

Marine Drive and Taylor Way Storm Sewer Rehabilitation

Storm sewer repairs from the intersection at Marine Drive and Taylor Way to the Capilano River will begin on June 15 and take approximately 3 weeks. Construction will primarily affect access to the trail connections south of Marine Drive. Marine Drive will remain open during construction; however, there may be occasional eastbound lane closures. To access the Capilano Pacific Trail, please use the north side of Marine Drive.

Storm Sewer details

TRRIP – Bus Stop Upgrades

Starting in early June, the District will begin upgrading the accessibility of multiple bus stop locations throughout the District. The transit stop upgrades will improve accessibility and safety for pedestrians, and are funded in partnership with Translink and Blue Bus.

4400 & 4500 block Keith Road

UPDATE: Expect restricted vehicle access on Keith Road from Willow Creek Road to Piccadilly North in mid-May. A detour will be in place and traffic controllers will be on site to direct traffic.

Utilities work will begin the week of February 16 and take approximately 18 weeks. Keith Road will remain open during construction, but there will be times when vehicle access will be restricted. 

Keith Road details

Queens Avenue & 21st Street Roadwork (Phase 2)

UPDATE: Full intersection closures are required for paving in late August:

  • 21st and Queens intersection, closed August 20 at 7:30 a.m. to August 21 at 9 p.m.
  • 22nd and Queens intersection, closed August 27 at 7:30 a.m. to August 28 at 9 p.m.

Expect detours. Signage and traffic control persons will be on-site.

Utilities work is now complete. Road reconstruction and intersection upgrades began the week of May 19. Construction in the area is expected to continue until mid-September.

Queens & 21st details

For more information and updates:

2015 Projects Timetable



Current Fire Rating

The current rating is HIGH

Barbecues: All barbecues, both briquette and propane, are banned in all West Vancouver parks due to the extreme fire rating. Smoking in parks is also banned.

Closures: none at this time
In forests and parks: no smoking, stay on trails

The following are not permitted:

  • backyard wood-burning fireplaces
  • campfires in parks or on beaches
  • discarding lighted matches, cigars, cigarettes
  • burning debris or green waste


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