Ice Arena

Hockey, figure skating, pleasure skating all happen here at the Ice Arena. A great venue for hosting skating parties in the fall and winter, the Playzone offers plenty of fun during the spring and summer months too. Electric zambonis and a heat-recovery system from the ice-making process reduce energy consumption and green-house gas emissions.

Programs & Activities

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Leisure Guide


Drop-in Information

Looking to play some noon hour hockey or enjoy a pleasant evening skate? Check out the arena drop-in information and hit the ice!

Arena drop-in information

Arena schedule


Arena surface

Host your large event, fundraiser, exhibition or trade show on the dry surface from mid-March to the end of August, and skating parties, games and competitions on the ice surface from early September to mid-March.


Special Events Room

With a capacity of 25, an adjoining small kitchen and washroom, you can host a party or function any time of year.



This open concept space has rubber flooring and plenty of benches with cubby storage so you can lace up comfortably.


Recreation Schedules

There's a new website for recreation schedules...check it out!

Recreation schedules

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Winter Hours (September to March)

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Leisure Access Card

If you are a person with a disability, the Leisure Access Card makes it easier for your to use our programs and services with support. You can also meet with a district staff person to discuss adaptations or ideas for making your experience with us better. The application is mandatory for participants over the age of seven who use our facilities more than once with a support worker.

For information, please contact Riva Nelson.


Program Coordinator - Access Services