Property Taxes

Property taxes are due July 2, 2014 for the period January 1, 2014 to December 31, 2014. Any unpaid 2014 taxes will be subject to a five per cent penalty levied after July 2, 2014 and a further five per cent penalty levied after September 2, 2014.

2014 Property Tax Rates

Claim your homeowner grant

Remember, no matter how you pay your taxes, it is your responsibility to claim your grant. It’s easy to claim online at, or fill out the form and submit it to municipal hall by the deadline. 

Please note that the threshold amount at which the homeowner grant begins to be phased out was reduced in 2014 to $1,100,000 assessed value.

To check the eligibility and phase out guidelines for the homeowner grant, please visit or call Homeowner Grant Enquiries at 1-250-356-8904.

Home Owner Grant

Claim your Home Owner Grant Online

You can claim your grant online or mail in the bottom stub of your tax notice. Please be sure to complete the entire form, including your name, address, telephone number, current date, signature and birth day if you are 65 or over during the calendar year.

About Home Owner Grant

The Home Owner Grant is a Provincial Government program designed to help homeowners reduce the property taxes of the home in which they reside.

The Basic and Additional Grant is available to Canadian citizens or landed immigrants who ordinarily reside in British Columbia and occupy the home as their principal residence and meet the eligibility requirements. There are two types of grants available to West Vancouver residents.

The Basic Home Owner Grant is $570 for owners of properties with assessed values less than $1,100,000. The Home Owner Grant is phased out at a rate of $5 for each $1,000 of assessed value in excess of $1,100,000. Properties with an assessed value greater than $1,214,000 do not qualify for the Basic Home Owner Grant.

In addition to the basic grant, the Additional Grant can reduce your property tax by a further $275, for a total of up to $845. However, it cannot reduce the amount payable to below $100. The additional grant will be reduced by $5 for each $1,000 of assessed value in excess of $1,100,000. Therefore, properties with an assessed value greater than $1,269,000 do not qualify for the grant.

You must apply for the Home Owner Grant every year on or before the tax due date. Home Owner Grants not claimed by the tax due date may be subject to penalties as they are considered unpaid taxes.

For information on eligibility requirments, please visit the Province's website.

Home Owner Grant

Tax Deferment

Property Tax Deferment is a property tax assistance program offered by the Province. Property Tax Deferment is a low-interest loan program that assists qualifying homeowners in British Columbia in paying the annual property taxes on their homes. The program is administered by the Province in conjunction with municipal tax collectors.

There are two different deferment programs:

  • 55 & Older, Surviving Spouse, Persons with a Disability
  • Families with Children under 18

Property Tax Deferment allows you to defer your current property taxes less any available Home Owner Grant. The deferment must be applied for on or before the tax due date to avoid penalties. If you miss the property tax due date, you have until December 31 of the current taxation year to apply. Before applying for deferment, you must pay all penalties, interest, and any previous years' property taxes as these cannot be deferred.

You must apply for each year you wish to defer your taxes. The new application or renewal must be submitted to Finance Department at the District of West Vancouver along with the Home Owner Grant each year by the due date.

Property Tax Deferment

Moved? Send Us Your Change of Mailing Address

If the mailing address on your Tax Notice or Utility Bill is incorrect, we require that you notify us of the change in writing. If you've notified another department of your change of address, it does not result in changes for Tax Notices or Utility Bills. 

Changes to a mailing address will update the address for both your Tax and Utility notices.

Change of Address Form

Send the completed form to us by:

by email

mail to:
750 17th Street
West Vancouver BC V7V 3T3

Important: Depending on the date we receive your change of address, changes may not be reflected on your next notice.

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Payment Options

There are many ways to pay your property taxes on time to avoid penalty. Find an option that works best for you.


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