Westport Road and Marine Drive (Eagle Harbour School)

District staff have heard concerns from residents of Marine Drive and Westport Road and parents of students attending Eagle Harbour School about pedestrian safety in the area.

District engineering staff reviewed these concerns and found that because Marine Drive and Westport Road share a wide roadway, it is a common occurrence for vehicles to travel at a higher rate of speed within the school zone. As a result, staff have determined that implementing traffic calming measures is necessary at this location.

To address the need for traffic calming and to ensure a safe environment, the District will implement the following improvements:

  • a concrete curb, gutter and sidewalk on the east side of Marine Drive from Westport Road to Keith Road for drop off/pick up.
  • a layby on the east side of Marine Drive from Westport Road to Keith Road will provide a safe location for pick up and drop off of pedestrians.
  • bump-outs to reduce the walk distance at crosswalks. This implementation supports pedestrian safety by reducing the distance that pedestrians are in the roadway.
  • traffic calming measures along Westport Road to encourage drivers to reduce their speed.
  • user activated RRFB (Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon) at the crosswalk along Marine Drive directly across Gallagher Place/Westport Road.


Construction is tentatively scheduled to start July 17 and complete August 18. 

Hours of construction: 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Monday to Friday.

Please note that construction start dates and duration can change due to weather, contractor availability, and other variables.

We appreciate your patience and cooperation while this important work is completed.

Traffic Impact

The street will remain open during construction, however, temporary no parking signs will be installed as required in the work area.

Suggestions from Information Session 

A public information session was held on December 7, 2016, to share the upcoming road improvements and answer resident questions.

At that event, staff heard very strong support for the improvements. Key suggestions from residents include the following:

  • Overall support for designing the sidewalk and layby in a way that preserves existing trees and allows for short-term parking
  • Interest in additional traffic calming measures along Marine Drive and Westport Road to slow traffic
  • Final design to take into consideration cyclists

Public information session meeting materials


Kristi Merilees
Manager, Community Relations



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