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Temporary Slow Streets Pilot Project

Temporary Slow Streets Pilot

Bellevue Avenue, between 18th Street and 25th Street, has been selected as a temporary Slow Street pilot project to allow for more space for pedestrians and cyclists on the road.

Only local traffic is allowed on this stretch of street, providing more room for physical distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic by allowing people to keep at least two metres from others while exercising and getting fresh air.

We will review this pilot project at the end of the summer to determine whether it should continue. The District will be conducting counts for walking, cycling, and driving during the pilot phase.

How to use a Slow Street:

  • Vehicle access is limited to local traffic only. Drivers are encouraged to use Bellevue Avenue for local traffic and Marine Drive for through traffic.
  • On-street parking is maintained.
  • Drive slowly, share the road, and watch for pedestrians and cyclists.
  • People walking may use the roadway to pass each other at a safe distance.
  • Access for emergency vehicles and waste/recycling collection is maintained.
  • Signage indicating local traffic only is displayed at the end of each block.

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Vanessa Garrett
Manager of Roads & Transportation