Speed humps installation

One of the District’s goals is to ensure that roadways and sidewalks in West Vancouver are safe for use by all ages and abilities. In order to support this goal, the District will be continuing with the installation of speed humps at multiple locations

District staff analyze many factors in determining where the new humps and associated signage will be installed, such as traffic volumes, traffic speed, number of pedestrians and the proximity to schools and parks.

Starting in early March 2019, crews will begin work on 2019 Phase 1 locations. Each location will take approximately one day to complete and travellers should expect single-lane alternating traffic as they approach the construction zones.

  • Southborough Drive at Wescot Road
  • Hadden Drive at Mulgrave Place
  • Rabbit Lane at Southborough Drive
  • 1200 Block Mathers near Ridgeview School
  • 2400 Block Folkestone Drive

Phase 2 will be scheduled for the Spring and Summer of 2019. Locations include:

  • Kings Avenue from Burley to 13th Street
  • 6900 Block of Marine Drive (Whytecliff)


Dustin Bergstrom
Superintendent, Roads