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Sewer Rehabilitation Program

As part of the District’s 2019 Capital Sewer Rehabilitation Program, storm and sanitary servicing throughout the District has been scheduled for rehabilitation.

What is being done

The work will be completed by a method called relining, which is less disruptive and costly than traditional methods. Instead of excavating trenches along the length of the pipe, relining is performed by inserting a flexible pipe liner through the access hole, into the old pipe. It seals the old pipe and is cured-in-place by specialized technology.

The District’s external contractor, Mar-Tech Underground Services Ltd. (Mar-Tech), will complete this work. You can expect to see a Mar-Tech vehicle and their crews working in your area. Their staff will access the sewer main through sewer manholes within the boulevard and roadway.

Mar-Tech will not perform any work on private property unless a utility servicing right-of-way or easement is present. If this is required, you will be contacted directly with further information.

Expected impacts of this work

You can expect to see construction in your neighbourhood within six to nine weeks of receiving an initial letter from the District.

Not every sewer line or home will be affected. If the sewer directly servicing your property is identified, you will receive a 48-hour notification by a letter from Mar-Tech; this letter will include details confirming the exact scheduled construction date in your area. If you do not receive another letter, your home is not within the project area.

The scheduled work is typically completed in two working days, weather permitting. Hours of work will be between 7:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. Monday to Friday, or as necessary to complete the rehabilitation.

All streets are expected to remain open during construction, however, there will be times when vehicle access and parking will be restricted. Every effort will be made to limit these disruptions. When required, traffic control staff will be on site to direct traffic. 

The District recognizes the impacts that this construction may have on your neighbourhood. We greatly appreciate your patience and cooperation while this necessary work is being completed.


Stephen Goss
Utilities Technologist