Marine Drive, 1300 block

March 2017 Update

The District completed work to upgrade the water main along 1300 block Marine Drive in March 2017. This upgrade to the water system servicing in this area was necessary because:

  • This water main reached its end of life. It was a very old main (over 60 years old) and was due for replacement;
  • For the purposes of maintaining adequate service levels to the area, including ensuring available fire flow.

Thank you for your patience during construction in this area. 

Affected Area

This project extended across the 13th Street and Marine Drive intersection, connecting to the new water main on Keith Road that was completed in 2015.

Description of work

Work was completed in three phases:

  1. construction of the mainline along the south side of Marine Drive
  2. construction of the mainline within the intersection of 13th Street and Marine Drive
  3. replacement of the services that service properties on the north side of Marine Drive



Cana Chan
Utilities Technician



Kristi Merilees
Manager, Community Relations