Roads and Utilities Capital Projects Timetable

This timetable shows anticipated 2017 construction activities for the District’s roads, water, sewer, and drainage projects. These projects are scheduled to take place this year, pending Council approval of capital project funding.

Please note: start dates and duration can vary due to weather, contractor availability, and other variables.

The District aims to provide advance notice of construction activity as much as possible. On-site signage is installed in advance where traffic impacts are expected, and those in the immediate area receive notice letters with information about construction schedule and anticipated impacts.

We recognize that construction may cause inconvenience, and work to minimize the impact on residents and businesses while this important work is completed.

Last updated: July 26, 2017

Project Title   Description   Start Date   Duration (est)   Status
Major Projects                
Spirit Trail Western Section   Complete trail connection from Exit 0 to Royal Ave   spring   6 weeks   started
2600 block Queens Avenue   Coordinated water main upgrades and road reconstruction.   spring/summer   water: 22 weeks   started
1400 block Chartwell   Coordinated water main upgrades and road reconstruction.   spring/summer   water: 17 weeks   started
1300 block Cammeray   Coordinated water main upgrades and road reconstruction.   spring/summer   water: 10 weeks   not started
1825 Palmerston Avenue & St Denis Road   Coordinated water main upgrades and road reconstruction.   summer   water: 10 weeks   not started
Road Improvements                
24th St (Marine Dr to Haywood Ave)   Road maintenance and road resurfacing   summer   5 days   not started
Finch Hill (Chippendale Rd to Pinecrest Dr)   Road resurfacing   fall   2 weeks   not started
Skilift Road (Westhill to Folkestone)   Cooridor improvements, road resurfacing, sidewalk, curb.    spring   6 weeks   on hold - further community relations required
24th and Bellevue railroad crossing   Grade crossing upgrade consisting of road approach improvement as well as installation of a gate.   summer   3 weeks   ongoing
Nelson and St Georges   Intersection improvement   2016 carryover        
21st Street and Marine Drive   Traffic signal upgrade   2016 carryover       ongoing
Horseshoe Bay Streetscape   The Horseshoe Bay Streetscape will be constructed and completed in phasing, with one phase starting 2017.    fall       not started
Hadden Drive Corridor Traffic Calming   Traffic calming to improve safety and reduce speeds       2 weeks   on hold - further community relations required
Whytecliff Park Pedestrian Path   A pilot program will be implemented this year which consists of creating walking space to Whytecliff Park through parking regulations.   spring   1 week   not started
15th Street (Marine–Clyde)   Road maintenance - mill & pave   spring   1 week   not started
Sandy Cove; Eagle Island Sinclaire Ct   Bridge maintenance, bridge repair   spring   various   not started
Various Bus Stop Improvements   As part of our joint initiative to improve pedestrian and transit infrastructure, various bus stop enhancements will be completed throughout the District.    spring   various   not started
25th–30th Marine Drive Bike Lane Pilot Project   The District is planning a pilot project for separated bike lanes along one section of Marine Drive.    summer   2 weeks   not started
29th and Marine Drive Intersection Upgrade   Pedestrian Signal Upgrade   fall   2 weeks   not started
Sewer & Drainage                
The Cove Lift Station Replacement   Upgrade existing pump station   spring 2017   TBD   in progress since 2016
Citrus Wynd Treatment Facility Upgrades   Sewage treatment facility upgrades   summer/fall   2 months    
Willow and Claymore Creek Outfalls   Creek and foreshore drainage improvements, 3 separate projects
-Willow Creek Debris Trap
-Willow Creek Storm Outfall
-Ross Crescent Storm Bypass
  summer 2017   8–12 weeks   design phase
2500 Palmerston Avenue Sewer Replacement   Replacement of sanitary and storm sewer mains through laneway and Right of Way between 2500 blocks of Palmerston and Queens Avenue   late summer/fall   TBD   in progress: restoration deferred to 2017
Brothers Creek Crossing   Water main upgrades/Brothers Creek Crossing   summer/fall   12 weeks   not started
23rd Street (Kings to Mathers)   New water main installation   summer/fall   6 weeks   not started
800 Fairmile   water main upgrades   fall/winter   14 weeks   not started