Multi-residential Occupancy Fire Inspection Guidelines

This information applies to low-rise and high-rise buildings and condominium complexes, and any occupancy with common use areas. The owner or owner’s authorized agent is responsible for carrying out the provisions of the BC Fire Code and any of West Vancouver Fire & Rescue’s applicable bylaws.

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Common Service Requirements

  • Access: Access is required to all areas of the building excluding private residential suites. As per West Vancouver Fire Bylaw 9.2, keys/fobs shall be provided for all areas requiring access
  • Address: Must be clearly visible from the road and free from foliage and in a contrasting colour
  • Egress and hallways: Must be kept clear and free from obstruction for a clear unobstructed path to exit
  • Storage garages: Must be kept free of all storage excluding vehicles, bicycles, scooters, motorcycles, and watercraft.
  • Fire doors: Must not be wedged open, blocked, or altered. They must self-close and latch properly to main the fire separation. Stairwell doors to be labelled alphabetically
  • Fire department connections: Must be clearly visible with appropriate signage, functional protective caps in place, and free from obstruction
  • Enclosed storage garage: Must be free of all storage. Only vehicles, bicycles, scooters, and watercraft can be stored
  • Monthly fire alarm and generator testing: Monthly testing is required for both the fire alarm system and generator (if applicable). A copy of the records is to be kept in the fire safety plan box.
  • Fire hydrants: Must be clearly visible, unobstructed, and in operable condition. Private hydrants must be marked with a green stripe
  • Fire and life safety systems: Includes fire alarm system, sprinkler system, fire extinguishers, and emergency lights and/or generator. Must be in operational as-built condition with up-to-date servicing performed by a qualified professional
  • Fire lane access: Must be kept clear and accessible for fire department apparatuses at all times. Provisions may be required to identify no parking in fire lanes
  • Personal locker storage area: Must be maintained as to not compromise sprinkler coverage, nor contain any dangerous goods such as flammable liquids or propane cylinders
  • Shipping containers: Any shipping containers on the property must conform to West Vancouver Bylaws 9.66 – 9.73
  • Service rooms: Must be kept clear of obstructions and tripping hazards. All control valves and shut-offs must be easily accessible and clear of storage
  • Fire alarm bells: Must not be painted or altered in any way that may affect their performance

Should you have enquiries regarding a violation notice, please include your building address, name, phone number, and email.