2021 Student Video Contest: We Can Green Can!

The District challenged students from Kindergarten to Grade 12 to make short videos showing that using the Green Can is an important habit to help keep food scraps out of the landfill.

Over 100 students registered to participate, and 35 videos made by individuals and groups were entered in the contest. Thank you to everyone who participated and sent in videos.

The videos were exceptionally creative and demonstrated that looking after the environment is important to West Vancouver students.

Entries were judged by members of Council, school district staff, and a team from Waste Control Services. Judging criteria included creativity, clarity of the message, and whether the students displayed an understanding of the theme.

This contest and prizes were sponsored by Waste Control Services.

First prize ($750):

  • Aden Malhotra Lizarraga of Wescot Elementary School (Grade 5)
  • Watch the video

First Runner-up ($150):

Second Runner-up ($100): 

Honourable Mention: 

Watch the videos

Gabby Green Can - Chloe Gill and Charlotte Gill

We can green can - Edi Lupei, Louis Chen, and Xiao Zhou

For the Love of Food - Arta Zakhireh

Use the Green Can by T.S. - Taeeun Seo

GREEN BINS - Liam Bond

WE CAN GREEN CAN! - Hayoon Kim and Hailey Min

WE CAN GREEN CAN - Adrian Soofi and Harrison Kershaw

WE CAN GREEN CAN - Jayden Chung

We Can Green Can - Jessica Liu and Juliet Jin

Your Friendly Neighbourhood Green Can - Phillipa Lotz

We Can Green Can! - Milton Ma

We Can Green Can! - Daniel Dashti

Never Refuse To Compost - Stefan Dobrogowski, Nathaniel Hou, and Ardavan Mahmoudpour Tehrani

Think green, think clean - Charlie Franke

WE CAN GREEN CAN - Samyar Rezania

Why you shouldn't put trash in the Green Bin - Andre Dossa, Kevin Cui, and Aidan Shokrani

If Green Can, We Can - Phil Daruwala, Isaac Noh, and Joonseo Lee

We Can Green Can - Dahlia Zarrabian, Sofia Shekarnoosh, and Nazzy Amaliamiri

We Can Green Can - Arina Asgari and Sienna Youm

We Can Green Can - Karl Daruwala

We Can Green Can - James Lam, Art Djassemi, and Matthew Shim

We Can Green Can - Anton Lavrov


Why you should use Green Cans in West Vancouver - Artin Sofali

We Can Green Can - Kelly Xu, Legor Kulichenko, and Benjamin Navarrete

Green Can Benefits - Kiamehr Karimi, Hamoon Yasi, and Behrad Azarbayjani

The Green Bin - Food Scraps Aren't Trash - Zidan Malhotra Lizarraga

We can green can! - Sara Pourmand

We Can Green Can Submission - Sean Chan-Sato

We Can Green Can - Benjamin Fallah and Aryo Dasoar

Green Bin - Pedro Dittert and Elliot Veng

More on the Green Can program
  • in 2012, the Green Can program was introduced in West Vancouver
  • in 2015, Metro Vancouver banned food scraps and other organic material from the landfill
  • most West Vancouver residents (71%) are already using the Green Can program
  • household garbage in West Vancouver contains 14% food scraps, food-soiled paper, and other compostable material
  • when food scraps and compostable material end up in the landfill, they generate methane, a potent greenhouse gas
  • plastic bags, even those labelled biodegradable or compostable, are not allowed in the Green Can
  • the Green Can is collected weekly where it is taken to a composting facility to be turned into nutrient-rich compost for gardens, farms, and landscaping
  • the Green Can Program helps save landfill space, reduce greenhouse gases, and create compost