COVID-19 Updates


To learn more about closures and our response to COVID-19, and for updates on District operations, visit



Youth centre and youth spaces closed until further notice


Get involved during COVID-19

Be part of the Small Community Project

Do you have some creative energy ready to share? Youth Services is organizing a small community project to engage and lift the spirits of isolated seniors, police, fire, and ambulance personnel.

We are asking youth to create something small and personal (a card, note, drawing, or collage) that we can pass on to people that could use a boost of positivity.

  • What – Create something small like a card, note of appreciation, a drawing or collage (something that will fit inside an envelope). You can create more than one if you choose! If your preference is to make this on the computer, you can email the file and we can print it for you.
  • Who – Choose who you would like to give your creation to: isolated seniors, police, fire, ambulance…or even somebody else!
  • How – Contact the Youth Services team to arrange pick-up of the item (we will come to you and practice safe social distancing to pick-up the item), or you can mail it to us, and we will deliver it for you.
  • Last thing – Please provide your name and email or phone number to indicate if you would like to receive a note back.

For more information and to join the project, send us a DM on our Instagram page (@WestVanYouth) or contact us


Join a WHATEVER meetup virtually

The Whatever meetups are now happening virtually. Connect, play games and catch up with us!

For the most up-to-date information about virtual meetups, follow us on Instagram (@WestVanYouth). 



There are many resources available to youth, including Youth Outreach Workers. More Information


Teens Bus It!

All the information you need about taking the bus–from tips to apps to maps!