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West Bay Park Vision Plan

This project is complete.

West Bay Park is a small but significant waterfront park. Staff have incorporated public input together with technical information to develop a vision for the park.

December 2017 update

The next phase of the West Bay Park Vision Plan will begin on Monday, December 4. Contractors will be on site to remove invasive Laurel and replant in the park as outlined in the West Bay Park Vision Plan.

Work is expected to continue until December 22.

October 2015 update

Demolition of the existing washroom facilities at West Bay Park will begin mid-late October. The washroom facilities will be replaced with single unit unisex, barrier-free washroom facility.


In June 2013 the District consulted the community on their preferences for the park prior to developing a plan for an upgrade. In addition to community input, the District undertook a technical review to examine:

  • options for the washroom building
  • the potential benefit of foreshore works
  • conditions of utility services in the park
  • opportunities for environmental enhancement of the stream

Staff have taken the technical information and the public input and prepared a vision plan for the park. Staff submitted a report to Council in April 2014 seeking support for the adoption of the West Bay Park Vision Plan that was presented to the community at an open house on Tuesday, January 14, 2015. Council approved the proposed West Bay Park Vision Plan.


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Open House Materials

The presentation boards from the Open House in 2014:

Vision Plan

Photos of the Site

Why this Concept?