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Spirit Trail, Exit 0 to Horseshoe Bay

Construction of the Spirit Trail from Exit 0 to Raleigh Street in Horseshoe Bay was completed in October 2017.

Traffic Impacts

Exit 0 off Highway 1 will need to be closed for certain phases of construction.

Hours of construction will be between 7:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Traffic control personnel will be on site to moderate traffic and ensure pedestrian safety. A variable message board advises drivers to follow the detour route.

Project Details

Construction includes the following improvements:

  • installation of a 3.5-metre wide multi-use pathway along Exit 0 on Highway 1
  • upgrading of the trail connecting Exit 0 and Raleigh Street to a paved, lighted pathway
  • paving of lay-by areas along Raleigh Street and the south end of Royal Avenue to create space for vehicles to safely pass pedestrians and cyclists
  • trimming of vegetation and rock scaling to improve sightlines and reduce the slope of the trail
  • addition of pedestrian-scale lighting to increase visibility and safety for those walking and biking

Next Steps

The next phase of Spirit Trail is planned to be constructed along Royal Avenue between Chatham Street and Bruce Street. Consultation for this phase will begin in fall 2017.


Spirit Trail, western portion

The public consultation process for the western section of the Spirit Trail began in 2012.

Spirit Trail, Marine Drive (Gleneagles Elementary School area)

Beginning in 2013, trail improvements have been made on the section between Cranley Drive and Exit 0 at Gleneagles Elementary School.


John Calimente
Transportation Planning Analyst