Spirit Trail – Cranley Slope improvements

The District is conducting repairs and upgrades to Spirit Trail on the slope west of the Nelson Creek Bridge.

Currently, the slope is very steep and unstable, making it difficult to access Seaview Walk. Erosion makes the trail surface slippery and increases the risk of tripping and falling.

During Construction

  • please take detours as indicated – a stairwell at the western end of Cranley Drive will allow access between Seaview Walk and Cranley Drive
  • access to the Nelson Creek trail leading to Whyte Lake Park will be unaffected
  • please avoid the construction area during the construction period
  • keep pets on leash

Description of work

  • the length of the trail section is about 70 metres.
  • two additional switchbacks will be added to the existing trail, one at the top and one at the bottom, this will reduce the grade and improve trail access for all users. 
  • six to eight alder trees will be removed prior to bird nesting season to accommodate the work.
  • large rocks will be used to shore up the outside slope and a gravel base will be added to improve drainage and trail surface stability.
  • after completion, the disturbed areas will be restored with native plants.

Work area

View PDF of work area


The work will begin the week of March 13 and is anticipated to be completed in eight working days. 


John Calimente
Transportation Planning Analyst



Kristi Merilees
Community Relations Manager