Rodgers Creek Estuary Enhancement Project

The West Vancouver Streamkeeper Society, in collaboration with the District of West Vancouver, is planning to create a salmon-friendly estuary at Rodgers Creek.

Today, access is limited to only the highest tides, which occur for only a few hours every two weeks. By building a channel through the intertidal zone, adult salmon returning to spawn in the creek will have access to the creek through a broader range of tides.

The project will be similar to estuary enhancements completed at Lawson Creek in 2007 and at McDonald Creek in 2013. Both projects have proven to be tremendously beneficial for returning adult salmon.

Project display boards

Construction is scheduled for approximately two weeks during mid-August 2015.

This project has proven beneficial to coho and chum salmon, while also meeting the objectives of West Vancouver’s shoreline protection and preservation initiatives. 

More Information

If you would like to learn more about the Rodgers Creek Estuary Enhancement Project, please contact John Barker: