Plan for trails on public land

The District of West Vancouver has been working with stakeholders and citizens to develop a plan for trails on public land in West Vancouver since 2015.

The Plan for Trails on Public Land is a policy document that provides guidance for decisions about trails in West Vancouver and a framework for moving forward on several trails-related topics that were identified by the community. The plan will help articulate why trails and trail opportunities are important to residents.

April 2018 UPDATE

On Monday, April 9, a report about the proposed 2018 Plan for Trails on Public Land will be considered by Council.

Review the Council agenda for the April 9 meeting below. This report is Item 6 on the agenda.

Council Meeting Agenda - April 9, 2018

Council meetings begin at 6 p.m. in the Council Chambers at Municipal Hall, 750 17th Street.

Next Steps

Where we are in the process:

What's next

We will collect public feedback on the draft Plan for Trails on Public Land until October 20, 2017.

Then we will incorporate the public feedback into the draft Trails Plan and submit it to Council for consideration in the new year.

Previous Consultation

Early consultation with stakeholders was held November 2015.

A wide-ranging public consultation was conducted in May 2016, including public meetings and a survey.

In July 2016, staff provided council with an update on the engagement findings with an information report.

In May 2017, a discussion paper was published, reviewing the status and issues and summarizing public feedback received.  The discussion paper was the subject of general public consultation in May 2017. During this stage, the recommendations received in earlier consultation were reviewed and prioritized.

In May and June 2017, further consultation was held with stakeholder groups.