Lighthouse Park Parking Lot and Washroom Study

An Open House held in January 2014 provided an overview of the improvements to the parking area and washroom facilities at Lighthouse Park, including some of the challenges with the site. Input from the public informed the concept design, which was presented for public review and comment in June and July 2015.

The input provided by the public also helped to develop the budget for the project. 

November 2015

After an extensive public process, the Lighthouse Park Entry Area and Washroom Study is complete.

Lighthouse Park Entry Area and Washroom Study

We would like to thank the community members who attended the open houses and who provided responses to the questionnaires. This plan is based on your valuable insights and preferences. Implementation of this multi-year project will be determined by future budget processes.

October 2015 update - Lower washrooms under renovation

In addition to the issues identified in the study (to determine the location of a new washroom facility and improvements to the parking lot at Lighthouse Park), the District is also renovating the lower washrooms.

The lower washroom facilities will be upgraded in mid-late October. The construction will include upgrading interiors of the existing men's and women's washrooms, adding a barrier-free ramp, and installing one barrier-free unisex washroom.