Arena floor replacement

Current State

The West Vancouver Ice Arena opened in 1966. The facility is now 51 years old and few improvements have been made to the ice arena floor area. Many of the components of the facility have exceeded their useful life.

A leak in the arena floor has recently developed. The leak does not pose a safety concern to the current arena users or surrounding community, however, the surface needs to be replaced immediately.

This replacement will ensure that the District’s fall programs and existing arena services can continue to be provided to the community. 

Planned Replacement

Council approved the request to allocate funds for this replacement at their March 5 Council meeting. 


Work is scheduled to begin in April and be complete in mid-August to accommodate the start of fall 2018 programming. 

Construction Impacts

Construction impacts in the area will include heavy trucks and machinery, concrete cutting and general construction noise as well as some reduction of parking on Gordon Avenue directly adjacent to the north side of the arena building. 

Construction hours would be from 7:30 a.m.–5:30 p.m. Monday to Friday and 8 a.m.–5 p.m. Saturdays. A noise variance may be requested to complete this work on schedule. 

Traffic control personnel would be onsite to facilitate access to the parking area and to ensure traffic and pedestrian safety.

Community consultation: arena spring & summer use

The replacement of the floor (currently under construction) will provide new technology that will give the facility opportunities to have ice available in spring and summer starting in 2019.

We want to know what your needs are, and what you want to use the arena for during the spring and summer.

Help us understand how you want to use this facility.

Open house

An open house to learn more about the spring and summer options and opportunities available at the arena took place on Thursday, June 7. 

Thank you to everyone that came and asked questions. We will be providing an update for you soon. 


Thank you to everyone that provided feedback. The survey closed on Monday, June 11.


Keith Miller
Customer Service & Community Recreation Manager 



Kristi Merilees
Manager of Community Relations