Ambleside Waterfront Project

After an extensive community consultation process, and building on four decades of work from the community, previous Councils and staff, the Ambleside Waterfront Concept Plan was endorsed by Council on Monday, June 13, 2016.

By balancing many community interests and priorities, the plan expresses a cohesive vision that ensures something for everyone, more green and open spaces, and multi-use facilities and infrastructure letting the community enjoy the waterfront for what it is–one of the jewels of West Vancouver and the Lower Mainland.

October 2016 update:

Changes coming soon to the Ambleside waterfront beginning October and November include:

  • construction of the Spirit Trail in sections from 13th Street to 18th Street along Argyle Avenue
  • removal of three waterfront houses and the John Lawson Studio building
  • closure of vehicle access to the boat launch at the Hollyburn Sailing Club

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The Ambleside Waterfront Concept Plan includes a number of projects that will require additional public consultation and collaboration with various stakeholder groups. Now that the Concept Plan and Implementation Strategy have been endorsed a new process as illustrated by the graphic below will begin for projects including the design of the Heritage Plaza and the restoration of Lawson Creek, the new Community Arts Building, the Ambleside parking strategy and any private sector proposal for a seaside bistro.

A number of other projects are scheduled for implementation over the short term including:

  • the closure of vehicle access to the boat launch and the exploration of alternative vehicle-accessible boat ramp locations;
  • a pilot project closure of Argyle Avenue to vehicular traffic between 13th and 14th Street;
  • the closure of Arygle Avenue to vehicular traffic between 16th and 18th Street (recognizing the access needs to Navvy Jack House);
  • the removal of homes at 1468 and 1472 Argyle;
  • the completion of consultation with arts stakeholders and the community to relocate Lawson Creek Studio Users and remove Lawson Creek Studios.

Staff will also be reporting back to Council in the first quarter of 2017 with an update regarding implementation of them Plan's longer term projects. 

Integrated Plan Meets 11 Guiding Principles

The Ambleside Waterfront Concept Plan provides an integrated vision for the Ambleside waterfront by bringing together key elements of previous studies and implementation initiatives.

It captures the community’s values and objectives for the waterfront as described in 11 OCP Guiding Principles for the Waterfront, which was adopted by Council in 2003.

These principles, along with the previous studies, plans, policies, and associated consultation programs, form the basis of the Ambleside Waterfront Concept Plan.

The District anticipates that the Ambleside Waterfront Concept Plan will become the foundation for new municipal projects that will, in turn, further increase the public’s enjoyment of this unique area and revitalize Ambleside as a whole.

Public Consultation 2016

The District's public consultation on the Ambleside Waterfront Concept Plan spanned the first six months of 2016 and was focused on plan implementation (the "hows" and "whens"). The public consultation provided key insights that shaped the Implementation Strategy and in some cases led to changes to the Plan. A full summary of the process and results is available here:

Public Engagement Report (Appendix D)

Launch Event and Open Houses

Community and stakeholder consultation began with the launch of an online public survey and a presentation at the Kay Meek Centre on February 10, 2016.

Following the presentation event, three open houses were held at the West Vancouver Community Centre (February 17, February 25, and March 1). The open houses provided an opportunity for the public to ask staff questions about the Concept Plan, and learn more about the survey.

Each open house was attended by over 100 residents. The survey was open from February 10 to March 9 and received 310 responses.

Community Survey

A key part of the consultation included a community survey that ran in conjunction with the public events from February 10 – March 9, 2016. The survey was available online on westvancouverITE and as a hard copy distributed at the Municipal Hall, Community Centre and Seniors’ Activity Centre.

Staff have compiled survey responses and prepared a summary report:

Waterfront Concept Plan: survey results

Community Update Meeting

More than 200 people attended the community update meeting May 9 at the Kay Meek Theatre to discuss the updated Ambleside Waterfront Concept Plan. Here citizens and stakeholders were able to see the updated Plan for the first time and were provided with an overview of how the various projects could be implemented.

The evening included a presentation of the updated Plan, a "town hall" style question and answer period, followed by a question and answer session in the Theatre Lobby with staff from various divisions

The May 9 display boards are available here:

Display boards from May 9 update meeting


Ian Haras
Parks Planning & Development Manager



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