Ambleside Skatepark

Come check out the newly renovated Ambleside Skatepark! The park was officially re-opened on April 24, 2016.  

Located near the beach and concession at Ambleside, the skate park is a beach-front, street-style skate park that has been renovated to support the next generation of local skateboarders.

Renovation of the skateboard area was a user-requested project that that was planned in collaboration with the District and members of the skateboard community.

In 2014, community members met to provide input and contribute to the vision for the skate park. The resulting design reflects that input.

Ambleside Skatepark concept

Summary of community input

Input at the first open house indicated a vision that will revive Ambleside as a unique beach front skate spot with a relaxed, welcoming vibe. The renovation will update materials and skating opportunities to create an engaging place to skate and socialize with a range of features attractive to beginner to advanced skaters.

Landscaping around the park should maintain views, shelter winds, incorporate art and provide appropriate places for hanging out and watching skaters.  Observers at a focal point seating area should feel welcome but kept out of the way of skating.

Specific skating features preferred:

  • New smoother surfacing is the highest of all priorities
  • Wider ledges (2-3’) with heights ranging from a minimum of 9” to a maximum of 16”
  • A mellow sloping hip
  • A quarter pipe with a 3’-6” maximum height
  • Flat ledges
  • Flat ledge on a bank
  • Down ledges (hubbas)
  • Rail down stairs/bank – (with a run up)
  • A mellow bump
  • A special flexible skate feature with and artistic/iconic flavour

Online input

During the first phase, we also asked community members to share their ideas online. 

Online forum/survey (phase 1)