Current Projects

The Ambleside Waterfront Park Implementation Project will implement changes outlined in the Ambleside Waterfront Concept Plan, in phases, over the next several years.

The District has developed a proposed funding strategy to acquire the last two houses on Argyle Avenue for public parkland and is looking for your input.

A review and update of the current Child Care Plan that anticipates and addresses future needs.

The District intends to renew and refresh the existing park.

The District of West Vancouver, together with local stewardship groups, has a vision to create an interpretive nature centre located in the historical Navvy Jack House in John Lawson Park, to the west of the playground.

Parc Verdun is is a park located near Eagle Harbour (situated between the Gleneagles and Caulfeild area). There are several areas in the park that are in need of improvement.

Spirit Trail installation

Over the last few years, increased use of the Great Lawn has resulted in the need for a safety fence between this community space and the busy Marine Drive roadway. To address these concerns, temporary fencing has been installed until a permanent fence design is chosen and installed.