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29th Street Lookout Terrrace

The District is restoring the area at the foot of 29th Street and building a lookout terrace. The stairs will be removed, the existing vegetation cleaned up and new ornamental plants added, so residents can enjoy the ocean view in a safe and attractive setting.

Why is this being done?

This project is being undertaken because the wooden stairs at the foot of 29th Street have deteriorated and become unsafe and are now closed. A geotechnical engineer was engaged to assess the site, and has determined that the slope the stairs were built on is unstable and poses a safety risk.

In addition, the foot of the slope at the foreshore has eroded and now needs to be stabilized. The situation created by erosion and slope instability means that the District must close the public beach access at 29th Street in the interest of public safety.

How can I get to the beach?

The beach can be accessed one block east, at 28th Street, and one block west, at Altamont Beach Park.

Plans for this site

The views from the foot of 29th Street are often enjoyed from the bench located there. The new lookout terrace will beautify the location and provide additional seating for safe enjoyment of this spot.

More Information

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Existing Conditions

Final Plan

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If you have any questions about this project, please contact the Parks Department.