Contact Us

Sue Ketler, Senior Manager of Community Services

Keith Miller, Customer Service & Community Recreation Manager

Arleta Beckett, Community Services & Community Development Manager

Alison Gelz, Youth Services & Community Recreation Manager

Adrian Lee, Facilities Maintenance Manager

Jodi Weiderick, Executive Director, WV Community Centres Society

Christie Rosta, Festival and Events Manager

Glenn Madsen, Cultural Services Supervisor

Tania Lobo, Administrative Supervisor – Recreation

Lori Holtrop, Program Coordinator – Gymnastics

Derek Lowe, Program Coordinator – Sports

James Ray, Program Coordinator – Children and Family

Dominique Bulmer, Assistant Program Coordinator – Child, Music and Performing Arts

Melanie Clark, Youth Services Program Coordinator

Caroline Brandson, Program Coordinator – Volunteer Services

Facility Contact

2121 Marine Drive
West Vancouver BC  V7V 4A7