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Silver Wheels

The Silver Wheels cycling club at the Seniors' Activity Centre formed in 2011 as the Monday Group and has since grown in numbers to some 80 members aged 55+ and of varied cycling experience.

The club has assembled a catalogue of over 70 ride circuits of various lengths around the North Shore and Metro Vancouver as well as in the Fraser Valley and on Vancouver Island. Group rides are highly social and travel on bike paths - where available - as well as on public roads and sometimes on gravel. All rides are escorted by a trained volunteer leader and sweep, with regrouping stops to help ensure that no one is left behind. A line of Silver Wheels cycling clothing is available to members to purchase.

New members are welcome and an introductory riding schedule is available during the spring to help newcomers develop fitness and acquire group riding skills (see Safe Riding Protocol).

Silver Wheels members routinely ride on Monday and Thursday mornings (excepting statutory holidays). Half-day rides usually start from the Seniors' Activity Centre north door at 9 a.m. during the summer season (April through October) and 9:30 a.m. during winter, and return before 1 p.m.

Other starting points are used on optional drive-to-ride, all-day excursions arranged monthly in the summer season. Half-day ride groups stop midway for coffee and a chat. All-day rides also stop for lunch. A pre-arranged schedule of rides for the summer season is posted on the Outdoor Sports Schedule, and ride details with route maps, directions and contacts are provided to members by email weekly. Rides during the winter season (weather permitting) are arranged informally on a drop-in basis. 

Not Sure Where You Fit In?

Norwest Cycling club rides year-round on Wednesdays and Fridays and is for experienced riders aged 60+ in good physical shape, and comfortable riding at a faster pace (20+ km/h) in traffic and on bridges.

Silver Wheels club rides year-round on Mondays and Thursdays in two groups offering the options of a moderately paced (16-19km/h) ride of up to 50km and a faster paced (20-22km/h) ride over longer distances.

Tuesday Cycling club ride year-round on Tuesdays at a moderate pace (15-18km/h) on 30-50km routes.

Turtles Cycling club rides on Tuesdays and Thursdays during April through October in two groups offering gently paced (12-15km/h) short ride options on the North Shore, with longer, mildly paced (14-16km/h) rides in the Metro Vancouver region (up to 40km).

Take a trial ride with either the Turtles or the Silver Wheels. Two Silver Wheels riding groups are available on most riding days during summer to suit different abilities - a Scenic Group which typically travels on 30-50 km circuits at an average pace of 16-19 km/h; and an Espresso Group which travels on 50-70 km circuits at an average pace of 20-22 km/h. Membership is interchangeable with the Turtles Cycling group allowing an even wider choice of riding pace and distance.


Registration: $26.80 per year for Seniors' Activity Centre members (open January to December)


Register online at

or at Seniors' Activity Centre desk for activity #33730


Mandatory: helmet and a bike (should be in good running order)

Recommended: spare tube and pump


John Lait
Volunteer Coordinator, Seniors' Activity Centre



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