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Norwest Cycling

Join this group of experienced and physically fit cyclists for a 50 km ride, twice per week.

Please ensure that you are comfortable to maintain a pace of 20km/hr or faster and that you are comfortable riding in traffic and over bridges.

The Norwest Club rides Wednesdays and Fridays (beginning at 9 a.m.) all year round with the monthly rides e-mailed to members. This group is currently full. For further information please contact John Lait (see John’s contact info below).

Please note that club members should bring a lunch unless otherwise informed, and be aware that route and details are emailed out one month at a time.

Cyclists who are considering joining and would like to try the first ride for free will be required to sign a waiver and will be expected to confirm membership for future rides. No day fee is necessary for the first ride.

Special Tours and Spouses

A few Hub & Spoke type rides or tours may be organized each year, during which spouses or partners are invited to join without being members of the Norwest Cycle Club, as long as they have a valid Seniors' Activity Centre membership.

Car Transportation

Many routes begin from a location other than the Seniors' Activity Centre. The club is not responsible for organizing rides. Cyclists are responsible for making necessary transportation arrangements to and from the start location.


Registration: $26.80 per year for Seniors' Activity Centre members (open January to December)

Please note: if the program is full, please waitlist as we will contact you if a spot becomes available 

No drop-ins


Register online at

or at the Seniors' Activity Centre front desk using course #21666.


Mandatory: helmet and bike (should be in good running order)

Recommended: spare tube and pump

More Information

John Lait, Volunteer Coordinator, Seniors' Activity Centre



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