Gleneagles Community Centre Advisory Committee

The Gleneagles Community Centre Advisory Committee (GAC) will provide support and guidance to staff in the Parks, Culture & Community Services (PCCS) Division.


Gleneagles Community Centre is operated by the PCCS Division of the Corporation of the District of West Vancouver, on behalf of the citizens of the District of West Vancouver. The governing authority for Gleneagles Community Centre is the Municipal Council of the Corporation of the District of West Vancouver. GAC supports and guides PCCS Division staff. GAC strives to further the aims of the PCCS Division in sustaining and enhancing local community recreational development and building community pride through involvement in community services.


  • Work with municipal staff by providing advice and recommendations on the operations of the Gleneagles Community Centre and satellite facilities
  • Work with municipal staff in developing policies to provide for effective recreation service delivery at Gleneagles Community Centre and satellite facilities.
  • Provide input, advocacy, and advice on recreation programs and services related to Gleneagles Community Centre, including satellite facilities.
  • Function as a vehicle for communication and community development to ensure that community recreation services are meeting the western community’s needs.
  • Assist in community fundraising initiatives if they arise as well as provide a community link to business associations, resident associations, and school partnerships in an effort to ensure full involvement in the Community Centre.


Members are appointed by Council for a two-year term; reappointments may be made for an additional two-year term.

Council Members

Councillor Peter Lambur


Jean Adshead, Pam Best, Mitchell Davis, Alex Doucette, Alf Haley, David Osoba, Barbara Pettit, Mary Jo Campbell, Scott Hean, Robyn Markham, Sean Whittall, Smita Patel and Wendy Human (alternate to Robyn Markham).

Staff Liaison

Arleta Beckett, Community Services & Community Development Manager



Terms of Reference

Next Meeting

Gleneagles Community Centre Advisory Committee

Date: Thursday, November 15
Time: 7–8:30 p.m.
Location: Gleneagles Community Centre, Cypress Corner West, 6262 Marine Drive


2018 Meetings

Gleneagles Community Centre Advisory Committee Meeting

Jan. 11 CANCELLED                                                               
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Community Events Subcommittee Meeting

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2017 Meetings

Gleneagles Community Centre Advisory Committee Meeting

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Community Events Subcommittee Meeting

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